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Episode 36: Aquaman

This week GOCO is in DSV mode as we deep dive to the bottom of The Trench! ...Is that the Marianas Trench? The movie was kinda nondescript about that and they traveled around the world ridiculously quick...ANYWAY we're at the bottom of the Trench in the Lost Sea AND THAT means we're talking DC's AQUAMAN!!! Water puns abound and LOTS of spoilers, fair warning. This is also the McDonald's Wiki Episode. Turns out Captain Crook was a better pirate than Black Manta! Tune in and GEEK OUT!

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Episode 36: Aquaman

Darling it's better down where it's wetter, take it from me!

Episode 35: Holiday Special

Have Yourself A Ryan Reynolds Christmas.

Episode 34: Avatar The Last Airbender

Tea, it's a metaphor for the whole show!

Minisode: New Who and the 13th Doctor

We're pro cookie, don't care about the Doctor's Gender and LOVE MAPLE SYRUP!

Episode 33: The Fifth Element

This Is Not How Space Works!!!

Minisode: Batman Ninja


Episode 32: Ghostbusters

If there something strange in your neighborhood? Who ya gonna call?