Confessional Collective

The Confessional Collective is a group of churches, pastors, church planters, and laymen who subscribe to one of the historic reformed confessions. We exist as a network for support, encouragement, and resources for thos... More

#61 Preparation for Ministry

We’re back! This week the guys take a look at Samuel Miller’s sermon, The Importance of Mature Preparatory Study for the Ministry. Is seminary required? What about people who don’t have that available to them as a resource?

#60 Coram Deo

What does it look like to live before the face of God? The guys discuss what this looks like regarding sanctification as well as the enjoyment and worship of God.

#59 Preach the Word

This week the guys discuss the important privilege and responsibility of preaching the word. What should preparation to preach look like? Who is called to preach? How do you pronounce Brian Chapell’s last name? We’ve got answers.

#58 Ministering to Women

This week, the guys have a special guest from 20schemes in Edinburgh, Scotland, Sharon Dickens. She has been involved in women’s ministry for over 15 years. She shares some wisdom on the why, the who, and the how of ministering to women.

#57 Biblical Eldership

This week, the guys discuss the qualifications for a church elder. What responsibilities does an elder have? What might disqualify one from eldership?

#56 Church in Hard Places – Ian Williamson

This week, Aaron is in Middlesbrough, England visiting with Ian Williamson, the pastor of New Life Church. In this episode, they discuss the spiritual culture of England and more specifically, what it is like to plant a church in an urban poor area.