99 Best Marketing Ideas

Bringing financial advisors the most cutting-edge marketing strategies

Bringing financial advisors the most cutting edge marketing strategies, WealthVest presents the 99 Best Marketing Ideas podcast.

E13: The Road to a Million Successful Seminars — With Jorge Villar, Partner and Founder of RME 360

Season 1, Ep. 13

Hosting a million seminars — that is something few finance marketers can say they’ve accomplished.


In today’s podcast, we speak with Jorge Villar about his marketing experience, insights, and techniques that have helped him and his company, RME 360, achieve this impressive milestone and find overwhelming success in the industry.


In this episode, you’ll learn:


●    About the marketing strategies that Jorge uses to manage successful campaigns

●    How he evaluates results in marketing campaigns

●    Jorge’s outstanding approach to direct marketing

●    How his company leverages data to build on their marketing campaigns

●    Jorge’s approach to avoiding message saturation on his campaigns

●    And more!



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