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Episode 4: We're Still Here

Lee Francis IV is the author of Ghost River, a graphic novel about the Conestoga, a native people who lived in what is now Central Pennsylvania, and the founder of Native Realities and Red Planet Books and Comics in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Lee opened Red Planet Comics to provide an outlet and marketplace for the work of native creatives, including books, comics and more.

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Episode 2: Ami Plasse–Animated

From his sketches of everyday life on the New York City subway, to an enormous light-up character that responds to the primal screams of human beings, Ami Plasse captures humanity in motion. Now a resident of Austin, Texas, Ami teaches animation workshops, creates "energy drawings" of musical performances and adorns utility poles throughout the city with the various insights of Angry Cloud. Among his many artistic influences are comicbook legend like Jack Kirby, gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson, illustrator Ralph Steadman, and the ghosts of the Jews of Lithuania.