Alexa in Canada: Amazon Alexa and Echo Skills, Tips, and Tricks for Canadians


VUI Skill Design for Amazon Alexa

Storyline with Vasili Shynkarenka #21

Tue Apr 10 2018 (40:13)

Create an Alexa Skill Without Coding

In this episode, Teri welcomes Vasili Shynkarenka, Co-Founder and CEO of Storyline, to talk about his new platform that allows anyone to make Alexa skills without any coding!Welcome Vasili Shynkarenka from Storyline!Vasili Shynkarenka in the co-founder and CEO of Storyline, a platform that allows you to create skills for Amazon Alexa in the most simple way, without requiring any knowledge of how to code. If you can type, drag and drop, and most importantly, come up with a good idea, you too can ...

Voice-first Technology for People with Disabilities

In this episode Teri welcomes Robin Christopherson, Head of Digital Inclusion at AbilityNet, to talk about accessibility of voice-first technologies and his experience as a blind person using Amazon Alexa.Welcome Robin Christopherson!Robin Christopherson is Head of Digital Inclusion at AbilityNet, the globally-acclaimed accessibility and tech charitable organization in England. AbilityNet is a pan-disability charity organization that promotes the use of technology to empower people with all type ...

IFTTT and Amazon Alexa #19

Tue Mar 27 2018 (13:32)

Integrate your Echo with Hundreds of Services

In this episode, Teri discusses how to use IFTTT and Amazon Alexa together to open the door to even more functionality with your Amazon Echo device.IFTTT and Amazon AlexaIFTTTstands forIFThis,ThenThat! This is an app that allows you to integrate different services to increase the functionality of each of the services. This includes hundreds of different services – everything from email to social media, calendars to smart home products, and of course ALEXA, among many, many others!IFTTT is based ...

How to Create a Flash Briefing #18

Tue Mar 20 2018 (22:45)

A Step-by-step tutorial to start your own Flash Briefing

Wondering how to create a flash briefing? Whether you want to promote your business, share your hobby, or raise awareness for your non-profit, now is the time to create a flash briefing. In this episode, Teri reveals the step by step instructions on how to create a flash briefing for Amazon Alexa… with no coding required!Create a Flash BriefingFlash briefings are the new podcasts… as least as far as I am concerned! If you are interested in getting your message out to the world, in my opinion the ...

Smart Home Lighting and Alexa #17

Tue Mar 13 2018 (20:23)

Top Tips to Setup Your TP-Link Smart Home Lights

In this episode, Teri talks about the options for smart home lighting and talks about his experience and recommendations for Alexa-controlled smart lighting.Smart Home Lighting and AlexaAs you will recall, inEpisode 12of this podcast, I interviewed Jesus Gallardo about smart home automation. He suggested that the easiest way to get started with home automation was through smart lighting.Well, I decided to take his advice and once I started doing some further research, this is what I discovered…M ...

The Story behind Select a Story

In this episode, Teri welcomes Katie Ernst, co-founder of Select a Story, to talk about voice first interactive stories and the release of her Amazon Alexa skill in Canada.Welcome Katie Ernst!Katie Ernst is a lawyer, author, and co-founder of Select a Story, one of the leading companies that produces interactive stories for the voice-first platforms.I was really excited to have her as a guest recently to hear about her perspectives of this growing sector of Alexa skills.We also had a special sur ...

An American Living with Alexa

Welcome Dave Jackson!Dave Jackson has been teaching about technology for decades and has been podcasting since 2005. He launched the Alexacast in 2016 to document his journey as a consumer of the Alexa technology. I was really excited to have him as a guest on the podcast to hear about his experiences about living with Alexa in America.The AlexacastThe Alexacast podcast was started as a way for Dave to document his journey as an Alexa user. He calls this type of podcast a"journey podcast", one i ...

Voice in Canada Flash Briefing

In this special episode, Teri announces the Voice in Canada Flash Briefing launch and invites Simon Marcus, CEO of, to discuss his company and the service used to host the Voice in Canada flash briefing.Voice in Canada Flash Briefing Launch!I am really excited to launch the Voice in Canada Flash Briefing! I wanted to create something on the Amazon Alexa platform that would be valuable to the the Alexa in Canada community and creating a flash briefing seemed like the perfect idea. The fl ...

Voice First with Bradley Metrock #13

Tue Feb 13 2018 (42:45)

VoiceFirst.FM Podcast Network and The Alexa Conference

Bradley Metrock, the CEO of Score Publishing and a leader in the voice technology space, joins Teri to recap this year's Alexa Conference and to discuss the VoiceFirst.FM podcast network. Teri also makes 2 very special announcements!

Smart Lighting, Entertainment, Thermostats, Outlets, and Switches

Teri welcomes Jesus Gallardo, an engineer specializing in industrial automation, to discuss smart home automation basics, using Amazon Alexa and Echo devices as the main hub of his home.He discusses Smart Lights (Philips Hue), Entertainment Media (Logitech Harmony Hub), Thermostats (Nest), Outlets (Wemo), Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and Wall switches (Wemo).

How to Setup Multiple Echo Devices #11

Tue Jan 30 2018 (17:33)

Drop-in, Groups, and other Alexa Features

In this episode, Teri discusses how to add a second Echo device to your home. He covers how to setup additional Alexa devices, the Drop-In feature, how to group devices and how to use your phone to communicate with Echo devices.

Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant ready to take on Canada

In this episode, Teri welcomes Brian Jackson, editorial director of IT World Canada, to talk about the voice trends of digital assistants in Canada (Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant) and the latest news coming out of CES 2018.

Cutting-Edge Technology and How to Use Alexa without Echo

In this episode, Teri talks about how Alexa Voice technology is the way of the future for interacting with all smart devices. He also discusses a way to try Alexa on your smart phone without any Echo devices. Finally, he discusses Cleo, a skill that Alexa is using to learn languages.

An American Perspective on Amazon Alexa and Echo Devices

In this episode, Teri talks with a counterpart, William Nutt, about the pattern of Alexa use in the United States and how this parallels with the uptake of the Canadian use of Alexa and Echo devices.

Alexa Update for the New Year #7

Tue Jan 02 2018 (16:31)

Amazon, Alexa, and Echo Highlights in Canada

In this episode, Teri talks about the milestones achieve by and Alexa in Canada over the past month and explores where Alexa is going in 2018. Buckle up because it's going to be a wild ride!

Alexa Routines and Flash Briefings #6

Tue Dec 26 2017 (18:04)

How to setup routines and briefings for your Echo Device

Teri talks about the basic Alexa routines and flash briefings, and how they can make you even more efficient with your Echo device. As a bonus, he reveals some of the holiday commands/skills for you to try.

Basic Alexa/Echo Commands #5

Tue Dec 19 2017 (19:06)

The Complete List of Alexa/Echo Commands right out of the Box

In this 5th episode, Teri talks about the basic Commands that Amazon Alexa can understand right out of the box! She has hundreds if not thousands of commands that she understands, and in this episode, we cover all the basics.  

How to Setup Alexa in Canada #4

Tue Dec 12 2017 (29:59)

Your Guide to get your Echo Settings Right!

In this episode, Teri talks about his first impressions of his Echo Dot, describes how to setup Alexa in Canada, and introduces a Canadian radio skill. Subscribe for more info!

How Does Alexa Work? #3

Thu Nov 30 2017 (13:07)

The Technology Behind Alexa... Simply Explained

Welcome to Alexa in Canada, a podcast to explore Amazon Alexa and Echo devices for Canadians. In this episode, Teri talks about the technology behind the Alexa Voice Services and explains how it works in simple terms. Subscribe to the show for lots more!

Amazon Echo Devices in Canada. #2

Thu Nov 30 2017 (18:26)

Echo, Echo Plus, or Echo Dot - Which is Best?

Welcome to Alexa in Canada, a podcast by Teri Fisher to explore Amazon Alexa and Echo devices for Canadians. In this episode, Teri talks about the 3 Echo devices currently available in Canada (Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Plus) and gives his recommendations.

Welcome to Alexa in Canada! #1

Mon Nov 27 2017 (13:05)

Introduction to Amazon Alexa and Echo for Canadians

Welcome to Alexa in Canada, a podcast by Teri Fisher to explore Amazon Alexa and Echo devices for Canadians. In this episode, Teri talks about his inspiration for this podcast and his own passion with voice and smart home technology. Subscribe for more!