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The Optimistic Technology Futurist - Ian Utile

In this episode, Teri welcomes Ian Utile, an innovative strategist, business development executive, entrepreneur, optimistic tech futurist, and keynote speaker.


Welcome, Ian Utile!

Ian is the co-founder of Kukui Corp, a company ranked by Inc 500 as the #1 fastest growing private organizations in San Jose (#76 in the US). He specializes in starting software tech companies and is a partner in different non-tech projects. He is also the founder of WMVAI (We Magnify Voice for Attention and Influence), a B2B SaaS platform that automates posting content to Amazon Alexa. WMVAI will in future be available in Google Home/Assistant, Microsoft Cortana, Apple Siri, and Samsung Bixby. Ian's hobby is supporting large international non-profits.

Teri and Ian met at the Alexa Conference. Ian was there live streaming some of the content and Teri did a live interview with him that was broadcasted to both their audiences. Ian is very excited about voice technology and he comes on to the podcast to share some of his really cool ideas for the future, and where we are going with voice technology.

Attending the Alexa Conference

  • He was excited about the Alexa Conference because the people that are developing tech today and vision for where voice as operating system is going to go were going to be at the conference.

Vision of the Future for Voice

  • The last interface is voice. The likelihood of anything else replacing voice is very low.
  • Voice devices will understand us better than any human being does, and we will understand what they communicate to us better than other human beings can communicate to us.
  • The benefactors of voice being the last interface will include the billions of people who cannot read, write or understand the most common languages. Those people, who have the least amount of opportunities will become productive in society.
  • Future scenario: Imagine a future where when you have a thought of something you need to do, you can tell Alexa, “Hey, Alexa. I just thought of a business idea. I want you to go to and I want you to buy” Alexa says, “It’s not available, but is available”, and you say, “Okay, great. Buy the domain and get me the five sites…..” Alexa does it in 7 seconds because she doesn’t need time to think or contact anybody. She just does what needs to be done.
  • People won’t need to have all the right training, certifications, connections, and relationships. The voice operating system will become a real companion to a person.

The Impact Voice will have on the Elderly in the Future

  • There are 10,000 people on average in America that turn 65 every day.
  • Iron Man or the Avengers movies have a great example of augmented reality in Jarvis. This Jarvis kind of operating system will not start the way we see it in the movies. It will start by being an audio system like an Alexa, maybe augmented by a TV screen.
  • Future scenario: Imagine a future 2021 or 2024 when an elderly person has an Alexa in their room, they wake up in the morning and there is a sensor that detects that they have woken up, the lights will turn on in just the way that is best for their physiology, the TV screen will come up, and a photograph of his/her family members will come up on the screen. Alexa will then talk to him/her in a familiar voice, for example the voice of his/her deceased spouse, explaining all the things that he/she could be forgetting every day due to dementia.
  • If we get people to start thinking through voice as an operating system with a long view, we’ll make much better decisions about what we build, what we promote, what we stand behind, and what we support, because we will be thinking about our great, great, great children that we will never meet, but who we will affect with our actions today.

The Silver Lining

  • There are two most important core technologies; Voice and Blockchain.
  • Voice as an operating system is the most important technology that there is ever going to be for individual human beings. Voice will make a more pleasurable and productive impact on our lives than any other technology.
  • Blockchain will be used to ensure data security and enable existing and new organizations to be semi or fully decentralized. Voice technology devices will have to release some of the control that they have in the centralized power system and give people access to their data. The Blockchain ledger being used will hold the related company accountable. The company and the technology will be held accountable. It’s going to be very hard for hyper-centralized companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon to compete with the new emerging structures unless they themselves are willing to make some changes.

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