An Alexa Experience with Dave Jackson #15

Tue Feb 27 2018 (25:05)

Welcome Dave Jackson!

Dave Jackson has been teaching about technology for decades and has been podcasting since 2005. He launched the Alexacast in 2016 to document his journey as a consumer of the Alexa technology. I was really excited to have him as a guest on the podcast to hear about his experiences about living with Alexa in America.

The Alexacast

The Alexacast podcast was started as a way for Dave to document his journey as an Alexa user. He calls this type of podcast a "journey podcast", one in which the listener comes along for the ride while the host describes his experience while learning about a particular topic - in this case, Alexa. This is a topic that excited Dave and when he found out he could make shopping lists though Alexa, that "sucked him in"!

Some of Dave's Thoughts on Alexa

Initially Dave used Alexa to control smart lights in his home. He then expanded this to control smart plugs and he enjoys using these smart home automation features.

He enjoys using Alexa to create to-do lists and has paired the Todoist app to Alexa to have greater control of his lists.

He likes using Alexa to control his music through Spotify and Pandora.

He enjoys using Flash Briefings to stay up to date on Alexa features.

He finds that the timers are very useful, particularly around the kitchen.

One of his favourite skills is the Seven Minute Workout, which he has paired to his FitBit.

Thanks Dave!

Thank you Dave for joining us on the podcast and sharing some of your experiences and perspectives as a consumer of Alexa!

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