An Alexa Startup Story with Klove Chef

Tue Oct 23 2018 (29:29)

In this episode, Teri once again welcomes Bahubali Shete and Mario Rodriguez of Klove Chef. They talk about being a startup in the voicefirst world, and how it is important to continue to innovate at lightning speed.

Welcome Bahubali Shete and Mario Rodriguez!

Today we welcome Bahabali and Mario back to the podcast. They first appeared on Episode 44. Today we talk about their experience of being a startup company in the voicefirst world. As a reminder, Bahubali Shete is the co-founder and CEO of Klove Chef and Mario Rodriguez is its Chief Culinary Officer. Klove Chef is a voice-guided cooking assistant that helps keep your hands free for cooking, while giving you relevant cooking tips.

Klove Chef

  •     Klove Chef is a conversational solution which takes consumers through meal planning, recipe discovery, buying ingredients and cooking with the support of a conversational assistant.
  •     Focusing on becoming the primary interface for consumers in the kitchen.
  •     Includes a chat bot feature.
  •     Facilitates an easier cooking experience for home cooks by giving them chef tips, hacks and tricks.
  •     It is available in Canada! Yeah!

A startup in the Voice Tech space: The challenges and successes

  •     There’s great difficulty in trying to come up with languages and terminology that fits users in different countries (with diverse cultures).
  •     It takes much longer for people like potential investors and early adopters to understand a Voice Technology product/solution.
  •     Klove Chef is consistently getting 5-Star reviews because early adopters love it, once they try it out.
  •     Kove Chef is building up their recipe database.
  •   They recently participated at the Smart Kitchen Summit; the “Sears of Food Technology.”
  •     Klove Chef is the only Voice First cooking solution in the Food Tech space. It has created numerous partnership opportunities.
  •   A New feature, RecipeBox, enables users to add their own recipes through either voice or chat bots. They can then convert them into speakable recipes on Alexa and Google Home. They are currently accepting beta signups for RecipeBox.
  •   Klove Chef is building a community of people who interact with Klove Chef on a daily basis while sharing their home recipes with each other.
  •     A one-stop shop for culinary questions: Klove Chef plans to offer a Q&A solution for users.
  •     Forging partnerships with companies that will add other elements of functionality to Klove Chef is another goal.
  •     The partners are helping diversify the types of recipes, and develop compatibilities with certain devices and appliances that have Wi-Fi or Bluetooth functionality.
  •     The Mealkits partnership: Klove Chef helps Mealkits consumers with any problems they have during the cooking process, while also enabling them to provide feedback on the experience. Mealkit companies are able to get unmatched in-depth cooking analytics from Klove Chef.
  •     They are working on offering a white label solution for brands and celebrity chefs.

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