Voice Influencer Roundup on Voice Summit 2018

Tue Jul 31 2018 (28:32)

In this episode, Teri talks about the amazing experience he had at Voice Summit 2018. With more than 3000 attendants and talks that covered every aspect of voice-first technology, from smart homes to voice gaming, it’s safe to say it was a smashing success. With so many amazing people around, it was impossible to sit down and have a comprehensive talk with everyone, so Teri asked some of the top influencers to share their thoughts in the form of a clip. So, here they are, from Canada to Germany to Israel, listen to what they have to say about voice technology’s future.

1. Bradley Metrock

CEO of Score Publishing

Runs The Alexa Conference and is also the brains behind Voicefirst.fm

Bradley was a guest on the Alexa in Canada Podcast. Listen to his interview here.

“There is a lot of excitement about voice. A lot of startups and established companies trying to learn how to do voice.”

2. Florian Hollandt

Game Developer at Jovo

One of the key authority figures in voice-first games

Visit his blog on Medium here.

“We’re developing an open-source framework which allows people to do cross-platform voice apps. I’m looking forward to hearing the experts on Alexa speak and learn from them.”

3. Michael Navat

Co-founder of Verto Lab

“We are very excited about the new platform, the new voice platform, which allows you to play easily hands-free games that are actually meant to be played by voice.”

4. Sophie Beckerman

Client Strategist at Fresh Digital Group

“I’m so excited to see how much voice can change the future and change the world. Voice is now and it will only grow in the future.”

5. Roger Kibbe

CEO of Voice Craft

“It’s amazing how far voice has come, and there is so much more for us to do.”

6. Marisniulkis Lescaille

Founder of Voice First Labs

“One of the things that really struck to me in the keynote is that the biggest challenge today we have in designing voice applications is designing human conversations.”

7. Michael Novak

Partner at Digital Transformation Partners

“In the last two years, we’ve watched the audience and the understanding where voice can be used grow immensely.”

8. Heidi Culbertson

CEO and Founder of Marvee

Heidi was a guest on the Alexa in Canada Podcast. Listen to her interview here.

“Often times, with aging, things become difficult that used to be simple, and voice brings back the simple.”

9. John Kelvie

CEO of Bespoken

“My prediction for what ‘s going to happen in voice is that voice is going to be growing more around the internet of things: home automation, connected cars, etc… It think that that’s going to go ahead of A.I and the natural language type use cases.”

10. Bahubali Shete

CEO and Founder of Klove Chef

This skill is available in Canada!

“I think the conference was great because of meeting all of the people who are interested in voice is something awesome.”

11. Ilana Shalowitz

VUI Design Manager at Wolter Kluwers – Emmi

She will be a keynote speaker at Voice of Healthcare Summit on August 7, 2018.

Ilana was a guest on the Alexa in Canada Podcast. Listen to her interview here.

“I’m so excited to be here… Having conversations about conversations is a real treat.”

12. Tahsim Ahmed

Product, Voice, Tech & Innovation Leader

He interviewed me live on his podcast Voice and Beyond during the conference. You can listen to it here.

“Some of the things I have learned from the conference is just seeing how big the space is really getting.”

13. Jon Myers

CEO of Earplay

“I’m here as part of the Voice Summit and it has been an incredible experience. There a lot more people here than I expected… It seems like there is very much a strong and core group voice community that is forming.”

14. Nick Schwab

CEO of Invoked Apps

Nick was a guest on the Alexa in Canada Podcast. Listen to his interview here.

“The perfect time to get into voice is right now. The next million dollar companies are going to be built on voice so now is the perfect time to get in.”

15. Adva Levin

CEO of Pretzel Labs

Winner of the Alexa Kids Skill Challenge

“I am wrapping up from Voice Summit, and this has been a really great event. I’m really glad I got to meet everyone from this inspiring and creative community… I can’t wait to see what people are going to build next.”

16. Pete Erickson

Founder of Modev; Creator of VOICE Summit!

“I am sitting here at the end of our 3-day event and I am really overwhelmed… It seemed to me that this community is just starting to connect and collaborate is ways that are actually defining what the voice industry even is.I am blown away. We are sitting big goals for ourself and Voice Summit was a total blast for me.”

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