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Ryan Frisinger

Season 1, Ep. 3

This week Alli is sitting down with Ryan Frisinger of Kosmic Animal. Ryan is a self-proclaimed biohacker, techno-shaman, and visionary. Alli talks with him about his work and how he finds balance and releases for trauma.

Guest: Ryan Frisinger

Host: Alli Waddell

Producer: Myrriah Gossett

Audio/Video Engineer: Jake Wallace

A Founding Media Podcast


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Get Adventurous with Cristina Schooler

Season 1, Ep. 1

In our premier episode Alli is sitting down to talk about all things outdoors, adventure, travel, and getting rooted with Cristina Schooler of The Rooted Method. We get reminded that sometimes all you need to do to feel better is go outside, feel some grass, and maybe even hug a tree.

Guest: Christina Schooler

Host: Alli Waddell

Producer: Myrriah Gossett

Audio Engineer: Jake Wallace

A Founding Media Podcast