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Latest Episode2019-3-18

032 - Simple Works: Voice Marketing for Brands with Michelle Excell

My SXSW interview with Michelle Excell of The Antipodean. Michelle is an innovation strategist in the emerging technology space.

Show notes and timestamps:

What is an Antipodean?

01:41 Discussing voice and Michelle’s clients: what are you noticing with recent briefs?

02:25 Brands are interested invoice but unsure where to start

02:40 Some agencies are jumping in head first


04:15 Brands must start somewhere: they should start small with voice marketing and smart speakers

04:50 Consider voice or AI within chat bots or retail where people will spend more time

5.08 Find contextual places where customers really interact

05:14 Is it worth doing a single use or delightful skill or should skills be intended for repeat use?


032 - Simple Works: Voice Marketing for Brands with Michelle Excell

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