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On Loving Your Body with Janet Farnsworth

Ep. 111

Welcome to another blessed and inspired episode with Janet Farnsworth of The Practice of Now. Together (with a little technical garble at times that is totally worth listening through) we explore:

  • My truth is only my own
  • The power of connecting to your body
  • Understanding movement
  • Letting love move through you
  • Ecstatic dance
  • Being dynamic with the relation inside

Janet Farnsworth, internationally recognized yoga teacher and body-empowerment coach, inspires students to break through old beliefs of shame and blame and instead, connect to their bodies as the source of their greatest wisdom and joy. Founder of The Practice of Now: Let Love Move You, Janet has created a movement therapy practice designed to heal and nurture our relationships with our bodies.  Janet believes authentic movement is the fastest way to physical, emotional and spiritual health and well being. Her book, “LOVE YOUR BODY:  The Ultimate Guide to Stop Making Your Body a Battleground” is a How-To for anyone who is ready to feel empowered and at peace with their body. A personal survivor of the blame game, Janet currently enjoys the challenge of finding ways to wake up each morning and be glad to be in the body she actually has, particularly the stretch marks on her stomach and the cellulite on her thighs. When she is not trying to hug her almost adult children, Janet loves being on almost any boat, watching old movies, and eating buttered toast (either one at a time, or all together).

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Guest: Janet Farnsworth

Hosted by: Amanda Johnson

Additional Resources:

Book: The Radiance Sutras by Lorin Roche, PhD.


On Positive Change with Leigh Daniel

Ep. 110

Welcome to another blessed and inspired episode with Leigh Daniel from Project Positive Change. In this episode together we explore:

  • The power of choice
  • Helping the hopeless
  • Holding stories in secret shame
  • Using your purpose to serve others
  • Choosing the life you want to live
  • Taking action

Leigh Daniel is the creator and founder of Project Positive Change. As a divorce lawyer for more than two decades, she's worked with clients as they experienced heartbreak of every kind. Through her law practice her mind became filled with sadness, hostility, anger, and pain. Pain of such magnitude that it had seeped into her very pores. Eventually, she realized she needed to search for a way to be happy. So she started reading books, going to seminars, and listening to presentations. She found her answer one week in Seattle while attending a Mike Dooley “Train the Trainer” conference. Mike suggested we could do something so radically different, but yet so simple: We could choose to be happy. Since then, Leigh has had the chance to share what she's learned with her clients to help them see their circumstances differently. This message of hope changed her life, and she is now on a mission to share it with the rest of the world.

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Guest: Leigh Daniel

Hosted by: Amanda Johnson

Additional Resources:

Book: Return to Love Marianne Williamson


On Living Your True Life with Ashley Berges

Ep. 109

On Transformation with Jared Bull

Ep. 108

On Using Your Voice with Melissa Del Toro

Ep. 107

Welcome to another blessed and inspiring show this time with Melissa Del Toro. In this light-filled episode we cover:

  • How she found her path through global travels
  • Finding joy in work
  • Your story being good enough
  • Being seen
  • How your truths are actually just stories

Melissa is a friendly, dynamic mom of a toddler that enjoys bringing heart-centered, fictional and children’s stories to life! Focused on audiobooks, YouTube explainer videos, commercials and eLearning projects as her primary craft, Melissa has also volunteered her voice for numerous educational materials at the Learning Ally in NYC - recording audiobooks for Blind and Dyslexic students and studied the craft under experts in the industry and comes highly recommended by award-winning members of the Society of Voice Arts and Sciences Academy, based out of Los Angeles. She has lived all over the country and traveled by herself all over the Western Hemisphere - from Dogsledding in Nome, Alaska, to trekking the pyramids of Mexico, to touring the Kremlin at Christmastime. She became a mother late in life (after 40) and has utilized this new experience as a mother to inform maternal, caregiving and didactic scripts. Noted for her warm, engaging, maternal voice and midwestern accent, Melissa is a positive, upbeat, voice over professional and can range from serious to seriously silly and over-the-top.

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Guest: Melissa Del Toro

Hosted by: Amanda Johnson


Additional Resources:

Book: Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity

Book: Careers for Little Sisters: A coloring book for inspiration (Volume 1)