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Self-Healing Through Storytelling

Season 2, Ep. 6

Meet Scott Mann

His WHY is Contribute

Interviewed by WHY Institute Founder Dr. Gary Sanchez (Better Way)

Self-Healing Through Storytelling

Scott Mann spent 23 years in the United States Army, 18 of those as a Green Beret in Army Special Forces, where he specialized in unconventional, high-impact missions all over the world including Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Panama, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

Scott’s problem-solving abilities were honed during long deployments in places where trust was absent, conflict rampant, and only seconds to make real

connections with local communities using his head, his heart—and when threats closed in against these communities—his hands. With those skills, Scott now helps organizations gain a better understanding of their internal culture and their external relationships, while exposing the potential for conflict that exists when trust has deteriorated.

In the same way he empowered local tribes in Iraq and Afghanistan to make transformative decisions—using very few resources, Scott teaches corporate leaders, special operators, law enforcement, and high-performance entrepreneurs and their teams to create strategic opportunities through the

relationship-building techniques that drove so many of his successful Special Forces experiences.

He is the author of two Amazon #1 international best-selling books. Scott appears frequently on CNN, Bloomberg, Fox and Friends, Fox Business

News, News Max, and dozens of syndicated radio shows including National Public Radio, Wall Street Journal Radio, Fox News Radio.

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From Robotic To Relationships

Season 2, Ep. 5

Meet Chris Davis

His WHY is Trust

Interviewed by WHY Institute Founder Dr. Gary Sanchez (Better Way)

From Robotic To Relationships

You should never break the trust of a "Trust WHY" because it takes a lot to earn that trust back. Today's story explains how a Trust WHY thrives and what holds them back.

Chris had what seemed like a great life: the corporate dream job and the title that impressed family and friends. We all know, that there's always more under the surface and for Chris the veneer was starting to crack open. His work felt robotic, more like a cog in a wheel than a contributing member in a relationship. But with a wife and three kids to support to he couldn't just walk away. So, the lack of trust grew and along with it the unhappiness. Then, the ground opened up and everything fell apart. He lost his fancy corporate job. He had to restart everything. How would he find a new career where he could trust his team again?

His broken trust sent him into a crisis of faith in the corporate world and in his new industry of marketing technology. It took a deep dive into meeting a wide variety of people making deep connections using marketing automation and a lot of self-reflection. As his trust grew back relationship by relationship his love for his work started blooming again. His trust in the tools he was teaching made him the go to source for marketing automation. When you build a relationship with a Trust WHY, they'll pour their knowledge and ability into helping you. That's exactly what makes Chris Davis such an amazing educator for Active Campaign.

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