45: Bit Club Massacre

Mon Mar 21 2016 (01:38:28)

Here it is, the episode where we finally take Bitfaced on the road to visit the set of Strip Club Massacre. Interviews with stars Alicia Watson, Mark Law, Layla Pendley, Danielle McKay, Courtney Riggs, Erin Brown, producer Dave Leskie, and of course director Bob Clark ad co-writer Bruce Kilroy! Learn about the challenges of making an independent horror movie with a cast and crew that treated us like family. This episode is best enjoyed with your favorite yacht rock tunes playing on repeat.   Strip Club Massacre on Facebook!
The crew is working on finalizing the film and needs your help! Check out their indiegogo campaign with the stunning Erin Brown and a fantastic teaser trailer. You definitely don't want to miss your chance to meet everyone at their premier! Indiegogo
Also, shout out to our artist Carlos Maldonado for brutally murdering our avatars via bit renditions of our favorite SCM cast!