Finding Your Confidence, Identity, & Security in Christ - Part 4

Tue Aug 01 2017 (29:21)

Biblical confidence is the demeanor that exhibits a positive expectation that God will enable us to accomplish any good work He has calls for us to do. This demeanor results in an increasingly shorter period of hesitation and level of anxiety when attempting a task; and a greater degree of peace and fulfillment while planning, carrying out, and evaluating a task. After the task is complete, biblical confidence reduces the degree of pressure to repeat or exceed the accomplishment and the temptation to pride.

This chapter focuses on how to develop this demeanor in a Christ-centered fashion. Your goal in reading the rest of the chapter is to identify beliefs, fears, values, expectations, and interpretations of life which prevent you from experiencing biblical confidence. Questions are provided at the end of the chapter to assist you in reflecting on the material and gaining personal insight into your struggle with confidence.