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VMworld Europe 2018 Special

Mon Nov 19 2018 (09:54)

With Xtravirt's Gavin Jolliffe

This podcast features a report on VMworld Europe 2018 from Gavin Jolliffe, CEO, Xtravirt.Xtravirt are VMware’s Global Services Partner of the Year and Gavin joined VMware on the VMworld stage for the General Partner Session.Hear how VMware are working with it’s network of trusted partners to enable the rapid adoption of their market leading technologies and ensure end customers get maximum value from their IT investments.Learn how Xtravirt’s consultancy services are helping organisations to acce ...


Tue Oct 16 2018 (07:29)

Tech Focus

In this Cloud Insiders episode, a Tech Focus onDocker- a tool designed to make it easier tocreate, deploy and run applications by using containers.Find out what containers are, why organisations are using them and why Docker is the most popular platform for developers, withCloud InsidershostStuart RobinsonandXtravirt Senior ConsultantPaul Kennard.


Tue Sep 18 2018 (08:02)

Tech Focus

In this episode,Cloud InsidershostStuart Robinsontalks toXtravirtSenior ConsultantSteve Woodabout VMware®AppDefense - a datacentre endpoint security product that protects applications running in virtualised environments.Listenin to find out what AppDefense is, how it works, how it can be deployed and what it means for the security of IT infrastructure.Steve has also put together a demo on deploying AppDefense, which you can viewby going to: episo ...

Behind Automation

Tue Aug 14 2018 (35:01)

Who Automates the Automation

In this podcast, Paul Davey and Sam Perrin from Xtravirt’s Cloud Automation Practice discuss automation, sharing their insight and learnings from having worked on dozens of automation projects.This episode outlines:What is automation?The common reasons businesses are automating business processes.Some of tools being used in automation – from Puppet and Chef for configuration management to HashiCorp’s options for provisioning, security and the running of applications.The need for businesses to ta ...

VMware OS Optimization Tool

Tue Jul 31 2018 (10:34)

Tech Focus

In this episode of Cloud Insiders Tech Focus, we are looking at the VMware OS Optimization Tool with Xtravirt's Curtis Brown.Find out how you could be saving time and optimizing with this free tool. A product of a VMware fling, this is essential for the toolkit of any EUC specialists or any one that finds themselves deploying desktops on a regular basis.Listen as Curtis us leads us through the uses, features and specs of the VMware OS Optimization tool.

Managing Public Key Infrastructure

Tue Jul 17 2018 (28:51)

Three Tiers for PKI!!

In this podcast episode, Xtravirt Senior Consultant Matthew Tupper shares some of his learnings from helping many organisations to better manage their PKI environment.Tune in to find out:What is public key infrastructure and how does it work?What are some common mistakes organisations are making in relation to PKI and how can you avoid making them too?And, finally, Matthew suggests a best practice approach to PKI and shares some top tips for effective Certificate Management.Matthew Tupper is a S ...

Power vRA Module

Tue Jun 12 2018 (11:20)

Tech Focus

In this special Tech Focus podcast from Cloud Insiders, we speak to Jonathan Medd, co-creator of PowervRA – a PowerShell module for managing VMware vRealize automation.Jonathan created this tool, because in his role as a consultant, he kept encountering the need for just such a tool, but found one didn’t exist, so set about creating one.Available from and the tool has been downloaded thousands of times and user feedback is helping steer ongoing improvements.Tune ...

Email Migration

Tue May 15 2018 (28:29)

Safe storage in the wake of GDPR

This episode of Cloud Insiders focuses on the issues facing today’s email systems and the reasons why they may not be future proofed.Stefan Gibney from Ultimate Migrator and Gavin Jolliffe from Xtravirt discuss what it means for email to be GDPR compliant and what solutions are available to help ensure this.They identify some key steps to ensuring a successful cloud adoption, as well as share their views on the future of data compliance and management.

I'm NSXy 2

Tue Apr 10 2018 (35:56)

NSX Revisited

In this episode of Cloud Insiders, we are joined by Senior Systems Engineer, Michael Armstrong and Xtravirt Senior Consultant, Steve Wood, to revisit the topic of NSX. Our guests explore the developments and improvements seen over the last few years including the key features of the latest NSX 6.4 release and VMware’s AppDefence product, including what it is and how it can work with NSX to secure a customer’s datacentre.Michael and Steve also address what NSX Cloud is, how NSX-T differs from NSX ...


Tue Mar 13 2018 (51:04)

Who, What, Where, When?

In the latest episode of Cloud Insiders, VP of Product and Alliances Marketing for Druva, Dave Packer joins Solutions Architect, Alex Galbraith for an interesting discussion around Data Management as a Service (DMaaS). Our guests explore how DMaaS relates to data protection, data governance and data intelligence, as well as the ways in which organisations are addressing the protection of data in the cloud.Dave and Alex also address the industry drivers pushing organisations to look at the ways i ...

Hybrid Cloud

Tue Feb 13 2018 (27:46)

Have your cake and eat it

In this episode of Cloud Insiders, we are joined by Hitachi Vantara’s Cloud & Data Mobility Solutions Practice Lead, Rob Rowe and Xtravirt Lead Consultant, Curtis Brown, who discuss their thoughts and experience of Hybrid Cloud. Our guests identify the benefits of adopting hybrid cloud and the solutions available, what the term Edge Computing refers to and how it fits into the hybrid model.Rob and Curtis also address the key steps to implementing hybrid cloud successfully, how Hitachi Vantara ar ...

Cloud Application Management

Wed Jan 17 2018 (39:45)

One for all

Join us for the latest episode of Cloud Insiders, where we welcome Senior Systems Engineer for Morpheus Data, James Smith and Senior Consultant at Xtravirt, Simon Eady for an interesting discussion around Cloud Application Management. In this episode, our guests address what Cloud Application Management actually is and how it relates to PaaS (Platform as a Service), as well as how it compares with traditional methods of cloud management.  James and Simon discuss the industry drivers for adopting ...

Large Scale Transformations

Tue Nov 28 2017 (25:30)

Land and Expand

In this episode, we are joined by Xtravirt Project Manager, Craig Whelan and Technical Pre-Sales Consultant, Andy Hine, who explore the area of Large Scale Transformations; what the term means and what it encompasses. Our guests address the results and outcomes that organisations undertaking these transformations are hoping to see, as well as the common mistakes that they have seen organisations making, from their experience in the industry. Craig and Andy also discuss the tools that are availab ...


Tue Oct 24 2017 (40:15)

Viva la revolución

In the latest episode of Cloud Insiders, Insight’s Pre-Sales Manager for Hybrid Cloud, Chan Ekanayake and Chief Technologist of, Julian Wood join us for an interesting discussion on Serverless Computing. Our guests explore the pain points and trends driving its adoption, how it compares with other forms of utility computing, and identify the benefits that its implementation could ensure for organisations. Chan and Julian also address how a serverless approach is beneficial in rel ...


Tue Oct 03 2017 (24:15)

The art of taming data

In this episode of Cloud Insiders, we are joined by Gavin Jolliffe, Director of SonarHub, who talks us through IT analytics and what this area encompasses. Throughout the discussion, Gavin outlines the ‘Analytics-as-a-Service’ solutions available in the market, the benefits of using these solutions, as well as how Sonar fits into this space. Gavin also talks us through what he believes to be the main market factors driving the need for analytics solutions, how analytics will change the role of t ...

VMworld Europe 2017 Special 2

Thu Sep 21 2017 (09:33)

Xtravirt’s Nick Goldman shares his highlights from Barcelona

In this special episode, Xtravirt Senior Consultant Nick Goldman shares his experience of VMworld Europe 2017. Nick talks about his highlights from this years’ event, the key sessions he attended and the latest VMware announcements. Topics covered: Highlights from this years’ event Key sessions attended Exciting VMware announcements

VMworld Europe 2017 Special

Tue Sep 19 2017 (27:42)

Xtravirt’s Curtis Brown and Simon Eady share their highlights from Barcelona

In this special episode, Xtravirt Senior Consultants Curtis Brown and Simon Eady share their experience of VMworld Europe 2017. Curtis and Simon talk about their highlights from this years’ event, the key sessions they attended and the latest VMware announcements. Topics covered: Highlights from this years’ event Key sessions attended Exciting VMware announcements

Client side vs Consultant side

Tue Aug 15 2017 (33:28)

Let the games begin

In this episode, we focus on the different perspectives of working client and consultant side of an IT project. Joining us for this discussion are experienced IT Consultant, Phil Milroy and Xtravirt Project Manager, Craig Whelan. Our guests talk us through their experiences including, the pressures, benefits and pitfalls of working both client and consultant side of a job. Our guests analyse the main challenges that client businesses are wrestling with in IT, the consultative approach vs in-hous ...

Cloud Data Management

Tue Jul 11 2017 (28:17)

A place for everything and everything in its place

In this podcast, we welcome Rubrik’s Chief Technologist, Chris Wahl and Xtravirt Lead Consultant, Christopher Lewis, who talk us through cloud data management and what it means. In this episode, our guests delve into the depths of data management, exploring the question: is it more than just back up and disaster recovery? Chris and Christopher also investigate how cloud data management differs from traditional data management approaches, the benefits that organisations can reap from the adoption ...

Operations Management

Tue Jun 13 2017 (24:30)

Keeping ahead of the game

In this episode of Cloud Insiders, we are joined by Alain Geenrits, Director Solutions Architects EMEA at Blue Medora and Simon Eady, Senior Consultant for Xtravirt, who talk us through the ways in which organisations can benefit from an operations management solution. Throughout the discussion, Alain and Simon address the reasons why businesses should adopt a cloud management solution, what it can help them achieve, as well as the options available to them. Our guests also talk us through what ...

Cloud Desktops

Wed May 17 2017 (29:21)

Life Beyond BYOD

Join us for an interesting discussion around Cloud Desktops. Our guests for this episode are Xtravirt Senior Consultant Curtis Brown and Cloud Insiders regular Pete Grant who discuss cloud desktops, offerings available from the main vendors, and how organisations can benefit from their adoption. Curtis and Pete provide insight from their own experiences, and analyse the questions clients should be asking when considering a move to a DaaS (Desktop as a Service) model. Our guests also discuss the ...

Cloud Hosting

Wed Apr 19 2017 (43:23)

Set menu or a la carte?

In this episode, we’re all about Cloud Hosting. Joining us for this discussion are iland Enterprise Solutions Architect, Richard Stinton and Xtravirt Lead Consultant, Christopher Lewis, who talk us through Cloud Hosting and why it’s important. Our guests consider their own experiences and analyse the main business drivers they’re seeing for clients making a move to the cloud, what organisations are looking for, as well as the main issues that need to be considered when contemplating this transit ...

Cloud Management

Wed Mar 22 2017 (47:42)

How is your IT infrastructure being managed?

In this podcast, we welcome VMware Senior Member of Technical Staff, Sunny Dua and Xtravirt Senior Consultant, Simon Eady as they talk about Cloud Management and how IT Operations Management fits within this sphere. In this topical discussion, Sunny and Simon delve into the market factors driving the adoption of Cloud and IT Operations Management, as well as how Cloud Management compares with traditional IT management approaches. Our guests also discuss what clients are looking for when consider ...

How big is Big Data

Wed Feb 22 2017 (26:21)

Size does matter

In this episode of Cloud Insiders, we are joined by Bob Plumridge, CTO of Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) and Gavin Jolliffe, CEO of Xtravirt, who talk us through the emergence of big data in today’s IT organisations. Our guests address how big data and analytics empowers traditional IT decision making, the market factors driving the adoption of analytics and the use cases we are beginning to see through client implementation. Bob and Gavin also discuss the challenges of analysing big data and the ty ...

Dangers of IoT

Wed Feb 01 2017 (50:09)

What's your tech telling the world?

Join us for a very interesting discussion around the Internet of Things (IoT). Our guests for this episode are Capgemini Managing Consultant, Niall Merrigan and Cloud Insiders regular, Peter Grant who talk us through what IoT means for decisions makers and their organisations, as well as the growing importance of security ramifications in an IoT world. Niall and Peter also discuss the type of businesses that are beginning to concentrate on and implement cybersecurity products, the pain points dr ...

What is VDI anyway?

Wed Jan 11 2017 (46:57)

An investigation into virtual desktop infrastructure

In our first Cloud Insiders podcast of 2017 we’re talking VDI. Joining us in this episode are Xtravirt Senior Consultants, Matt Tupper and Chris Mitchell, who talk us through Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). Our guests investigate the importance of VDI, its appeal to organisations, the key players within the space and the benefits that it’s adoption is bringing. Matt and Chris also explore the trends in the adoption of VDI that Xtravirt are seeing among their clients, the potential pitfalls ...

Is SvSAN part of your plan?

Wed Dec 14 2016 (36:22)

The rise of virtual SAN in a Hyperconverged world

In this podcast, StorMagic’s EMEA Channel Manager, Steven Santini and Cloud Insiders Frequent Flyer, Peter Grant discuss the rise of virtual SAN in a Hyperconverged world. In this topical discussion, our guests delve into the market factors that are driving the adoption of vSAN, as well as the benefits that clients are beginning to see from SvSAN as a Virtual SAN solution. Our guests talk us through the questions to ask when considering, planning and implementing vSAN, the types of organisation ...

Find your SDN Zen

Wed Nov 23 2016 (30:04)

Virtual Networking enlightenment with Arista

In this episode of Cloud Insiders, we are joined by Arista’s Regional Sales Director and Head of UK Sales, Paul Goodridge and Xtravirt Senior Consultant, Richard Renardson as they talk Virtual Networking.  In this topical podcast, our guests explore the current market trends in network virtualisation and discuss the benefits clients are starting to see through its adoption.   Our guests also talk us through the importance of Network Operating Systems, universal spine and core convergence and wha ...

Hyperconverge this!

Wed Nov 02 2016 (41:43)

Storage & Compute: This time it's virtual

Join us for an interesting discussion around the rise of Hyperconvergence. Our guests for this episode are Nutanix Senior Systems Engineer, Grant Friend and Xtravirt Senior Consultant, Darren McDonagh who talk us through current trends and the best ways to get a Hyperconverged future for your business. Our guests also discuss how a Hyperconverged stack compares to traditional models, as well as the importance of Hyperconvergence and the impact it has on data centre performance, availability and ...

Hybrid IT

Wed Oct 19 2016 (25:39)

The best of both worlds

In this podcast Xtravirt’s Peter Grant and Fujitsu’s Head of Offerings, Guy Ratcliffe delve into the adoption of hybrid IT and how you can get the best of both worlds.  In a focussed discussion, we talk about the sweeping changes affecting infrastructure planning and the rise of the hybrid IT model. Our guests also discuss key benefits as seen by early adopting clients, the questions to ask when considering a move to a hybrid model, as well as anticipated future trends within this space. Topics ...

Migration Planning

Wed Oct 05 2016 (34:40)

Know where you're heading with better migration planning

In this topical discussion around Migration Planning, we’re joined by AppTracker founder Justin Pickup and Channel Partner Manager Fraser Norman to discuss the business drivers around making your IT migration quicker and easier and the rise of VDI, Cloud and Windows 10.   We also discuss AppTracker’s MigrationStudio and the market factors that are driving its adoption and the common mistakes made when implementing a migration management tool. Topics covered include:   The rise of VDI, Cloud and ...

Do you DevOps?

Wed Sep 14 2016 (39:03)

Do you, could you, should you DevOps?

Join us for a topical discussion around the world of DevOps and how this agile relationship between Development and Operations can help organisations. Our guests Bob Plumridge, CTO of HDS and Richard Robinson, Strategic Alliances Manager of Xtravirt explain the importance of DevOps, how it compares with traditional development approaches, as well as the key players within this space. We also discuss where DevOps is  heading and the future trends we're anticipate seeing. Topics covered include: ...

Cloud Delivery

Thu Aug 18 2016 (28:52)

Cloud Project Management Explained

We dive a little deeper into the depths of cloud and beyond the veil of technology into the human element of a project. We find out how it’s best to tackle a cloud project from beginning to end and more importantly what not to do. Xtravirt’s Craig Whelan indulges us with the wealth of knowledge he's acquired as a Project Manager within the virtualisation space and gives us a unique perspective from on, beyond and behind the front line. He covers topics such as: ⦁        Critical success factors  ...

vRa vRa vRoom

Tue Aug 16 2016 (25:36)

Sam McGeown and Christopher Lewis from Xtravirt discuss the wonderful world of automation, the next big thing in virtualisation.

Join us for an animated discussion around automation and orchestration, including what it all means for IT Operations teams globally. Guests Sam McGeown, Lead Consultant and Christopher Lewis, Senior Consultant from Xtravirt talk through the reasons clients are adopting VMware vRealize Automation, VMware vRealize Orchestrator and the benefits they see in a future full of automation. 'With automation comes great power', but would you want to automate all processes? What are the main benefits and ...

Security Secret Sauce

Wed Jul 27 2016 (40:14)

The best ingredients for the best results.

Gareth Hogarth and Gregg Robertson from Xtravirt talk security, the risks inherent in software defined data centres and reveal their secret sauce for application hardening. Join us for a lively discussion on security in the context of the software-defined data centre. Our guests Gareth Hogarth (Senior Consultant) and Gregg Robertson (Lead Consultant) of Xtravirt highlight the trends in users and technology and the risks that result in modern environments. They discuss the value of a high level s ...

Peter Groucutt of Databarracks and Peter Grant from Xtravirt talk risk, cost of downtime and the rewards inherent in good planning.

Peter Groucutt of Databarracks and Peter Grant from Xtravirt talk risk, cost of downtime and the rewards inherent in good planning. Join us for an interesting discussion regarding business continuity and disaster recovery in a web-scaled, cloud-based world. Our guests Peter Groucutt, MD of Databarracks and Peter Grant, CTO of Xtravirt, discuss the types of risk organisations need to be aware of, the value of analysing each and the role cloud-based services play in Disaster recovery as a service ...

I'm too NSXy

Wed Jun 08 2016 (17:34)

Matthew Bunce and Andy Hine from Xtravirt talk VMware NSX and how organisations are tackling security in this modern world.

A lively review of VMware NSX, the security drivers leading to its emergence and how organisations are beginning to implement it.   Join us as our guests Matthew Bunce and Andy Hine of Xtravirt, both virtualisation experts, discuss the ins and outs of NSX. The high level discussion covers security concerns driving a rise in microsegmentation, principles of security in a software defined world and what to cover when planning to introduce security into the software layer.   Topics covered include: ...

Cloud: Does it hold water?

Tue May 10 2016 (31:43)

Peter Grant from Xtravirt tackles the big questions around cloud, why is it here, and where is it going.

For the inaugural episode of Cloud Insiders we look at exactly what cloud is, who the early adopters have been and where the market is heading. Join us as our guest Peter Grant, a seasoned veteran in the virtualisation field (and Xtravirt CTO) talks to us about the differences between public, private and hybrid clouds and the pros on cons of companies moving to the cloud. Topics covered include: - What is Cloud? - Trends in the adoption of cloud - Public vs hybrid cloud - The suits and the hoodi ...