Is SvSAN part of your plan?

Wed Dec 14 2016 (36:22)

In this podcast, StorMagic’s EMEA Channel Manager, Steven Santini and Cloud Insiders Frequent Flyer, Peter Grant discuss the rise of virtual SAN in a Hyperconverged world. In this topical discussion, our guests delve into the market factors that are driving the adoption of vSAN, as well as the benefits that clients are beginning to see from SvSAN as a Virtual SAN solution.

Our guests talk us through the questions to ask when considering, planning and implementing vSAN, the types of organisation driving its adoption, as well as where the future appears to be heading.


  • What is virtual SAN and why is it important in software defined data centres?
  • What are the market factors driving the adoption of vSAN?
  • What types of organisations are beginning to implement vSAN?
  • What benefits are organisations beginning to see from SvSAN as a Virtual SAN solution?
  • Where is the future heading?