Attention Pays - So how can we pay more of it? @NeenJames

Fri Mar 16 2018 (26:17)

This conversation was with one of the spunkiest, most giving speakers I know, Neen James. 5 years ago Neen was my "speaker buddy" when I first joined the National Speakers Association. Her book Folding Time was a fantastic book, and when I learned she was writing a new book, I excitedly asked her if I could interview her. She said yes, and this chat is all about that new book Attention Pays.

Show Notes - Attention Pays

How can we remember names better?

Neen's advice: Ask them to remind you of their name. Write their name down IMMEDIATELY! Dr. Nido Qubein is the ROLE MODEL for remembering names - the president of High Point University. 

Attention Pays

Then we moved on to talk about the topic of her book - attention. Who deserves my attention right here, right now? How do we give our full attention? What is distracting us from paying quality attention?

Attention is transactional - but you can make it intentional - and it isn't hard. It's thoughtful! Sometimes its about eliminating bad attention.

Managing attention is about simplicity - use people's names more. Simplicity is about looking up and looking in people's eyes - listen with your eyes!  

People say we have the attention span of a goldfish - this is a marketing myth! Who really counted how long the attention span is? 

"We get a choice to pay attention - every single day. Attention creates a moment of significance."

A few links for Neen James, author of Attention Pays