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E5: “Gravity is just a theory too”

Season 3, Ep. 5

This week on the podcast, is Susan Joy Hassol, the Director of Climate Communication, a non profit organization aimed at assisting scientists and journalists in communicating climate change effectively and efficiently. She has built a career around the question of how to best communicate climate change, including broad outreach as well as one-on-one coaching. She brilliantly identified the schism between scientific communication and every-day understanding of certain terms, which causes a lot of misunderstanding around climate change.


E3: "Showing people research really doesn't work"

Season 3, Ep. 3

Andrew Jones is an expert on international climate and energy issues, he is a system dynamics modeler, keynote speaker, and designer of simulation-based learning environments. He is also the co-founder and co-director of Climate Interactive. On this week’s episode, he speaks about the motivations that led to him start his non-profit, and why he now understands that we need to go beyond simply showing people the research. After spending his own career as a systems modeler who knew the impacts of climate change in the long term, as well as the limitations in science communication to large audiences, he decided to find a different way. His simulations and tools now reach thousands of people across the United States and around the world, and have inspired them to understand and want to take collective action in finding solutions.