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Tech in the Clouds

Thu May 31 2018 (24:58)

Geoengineering "solutions" to climate change

Today, we have the power and technology to change the Earth’s climate as we see fit. Geoengineering. Is it a good idea or a terrible one? What happens if we do it? Or if we don’t? This week we discuss emerging technologies with our guest, Professor of Sustainability Science and Policy, Jennie Stephens.

The Root of the Problem

Thu May 24 2018 (30:57)

How climate change is impacting agriculture

Few sectors are as deeply impacted by changing weather patterns as agriculture. More than 60% of the world’s population depends on it for their livelihood, and the rest of us depend on their work to feed ourselves. We sat down with Laura Kuhl, expert in agriculture adaptation strategies, to discuss the ways we must rethink development in order to become more resilient.

Going for the Green

Thu May 17 2018 (23:48)

How climate change threatens the future of the Winter Olympics

The Winter Olympics is a worldwide showcase of competitive snow sports. But how will climate change impact the cities that host these games and the mountainsides that welcome recreational athletes across the globe? We chat with Olympic Biathlete Maddie Phaneuf about how waning winters motivated her advocacy for climate action.

Welcome to the Neighborhood

Thu May 10 2018 (32:44)

How social capital holds the key to resilience

Can knowing your neighbors be the key to surviving a disaster and thriving in it's aftermath? This week on the podcast, we sit down with a leading expert on social capital and disaster recovery, Daniel Aldrich, to talk about how communities around the world have used their networks to become more resilient.

Talking Trash

Thu May 03 2018 (25:38)

Our struggle in attempting a zero-waste lifestyle

In recognition of Earth Day, we coaxed our office into attempting a zero-waste week. So, how difficult was it? It turns out, very. In a special episode of the podcast, we catch up with our officemates to hear whether they were able to quit plastic and create less trash.

Fight Power With Power

Thu Apr 26 2018 (23:00)

The struggle for energy democratization

What if we could create a profoundly more equitable world? Renewable energy has the potential to disrupt power dynamics created by fossil fuels, but the way that transition is implemented will be crucial.This week, we explore the concept of energy democracy with lawyer, activist and author, Shalanda Baker.

This is why we can't have ice things

Thu Apr 19 2018 (19:59)

The battle over the Arctic Refuge

For decades, controversy has brewed in DC over whether the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge should be opened to oil and gas exploration. This week, we are exploring the complexities surrounding this controversy with skier and preservation advocate, Brennan Lagasse.

Bugs Know No Borders

Thu Apr 12 2018 (28:15)

How climate change impacts public health

This week, we focus on the ways in which changing climate patterns influence vector-borne diseases, causing a much wider population to be at risk of contracting malaria and lyme disease. John Pontillo joins us to talk about his personal experience living in a community impacted by malaria and how climate change will exasperate public health issues experienced in communities across the globe.

Plastic Reefs

Thu Apr 05 2018 (26:27)

How climate change is impacting our oceans

Covering 70% of the Earth’s surface, oceans are crucial for sustaining human life and global ecosystems. However, climate change and plastic pollution are affecting our aquatic world in complex and disproportionate ways. Our guest this week is Daisy Kendrick, Founder of Ocean Generation, who joins us to discuss these issues and the ways her organization is spurring younger generations to take action.

Paris or Perish!

Thu Mar 29 2018 (21:30)

The state of international climate action

We discuss the Paris Agreement three years into its signing as well as the international climate movement and international policy on climate change more generally. We dive deep into the legal implications of the US President announcing the withdrawal from the Agreement and what it means for the future of international climate action.

The (Carbon) Price is Right

Thu Mar 22 2018 (26:47)

Carbon Pricing Policy

Carbon pricing has emerged as a market based policy solution to climate change. The general idea is that by making it more costly to pollute, we would eventually decrease demand for fossil fuels while incentivizing alternatives. This week, we discuss the basic concepts around carbon pricing and the bills that have been enacted or introduced so far both in the U.S. and internationally. Our guest this week is Executive Director of Climate XChange and long time advocate of carbon pricing, Michael G ...

Let's Start With Why

Tue Mar 13 2018 (23:01)

The stories that brought us here

For our first episode of the podcast we wanted to tell you a little bit about ourselves, our personal stories and the journeys that brought us to work on climate issues. Get to know your hosts and hear a little bit about what to expect from the podcast!