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The December 2018 Episode

Thu Dec 06 2018 (01:07:56)

Season of Giving

Oh, the irony! We've been looking forward to the December issue all year, and then when it arrives (super-late, for Rob) we get...more pink. Can we please declare a new It color for 2019? J. and Rob unwrap a holiday surprise when Santa reveals the hottest seasonal decorating trend: not using red and green. Stuff your stockings with thumbprint cookies, pom-poms, pom-ginger cocktails, water bottles (sooo romantic!) and clothespin dolls--if you're lucky to get them at the craft swap party. J. share ...

The November 2018 Episode

Mon Oct 29 2018 (01:05:30)

Flippping The Table

In our November 2018 episode, we switch things up and hang out at J's house, where green is a neutral. We tried hard but we could not find many tags for hate in this issue of Better Homes & Gardens magazine! Maybe it's because we both love Thanksgiving so much. Maybe it's because the issue was mostly about the food (though we did do a fun recipe tasting at J's house--check our YouTube channel for that)! Never fear, we managed to find plenty to talk about: more white walls and big art, pumpkins o ...

The October 2018 Episode

Thu Oct 11 2018 (01:09:47)

The Weirder, The Wartier, The Better

In the October 2018 episode of Could Be Better, we try to be a little nicer, a little more helpful, and a little less judgy. But that's no fun so we quickly devolve to our usual cocktail-fueled opinions. Though the cover of this month's Better Homes and Gardens mag has us hopeful for autumn color--and the Halloween features are on point--our time machine has us trapped in the horrors of 1970's design. Dark colors, spider-thin staircase railings, and ghostly-white wallsplay up the witchy vibes, b ...

The September 2018 Episode

Fri Sep 07 2018 (01:11:33)

Kitchens With Girth

In our September episode, we plant the seeds for fall with a new focus on decor. (Foodies, don't worry: check out our YouTube channel for our monthly recipe tastings).Rob mixes up a signature cocktail inspired by this BH&G issue's global flair (a Chocolate Spice martini) but J's excited by this month's Editor's Letter: cue another dramatic reading! In this Stylemaker issue, white walls reign supreme, purple is a neutral, citrine green and peacock blue are "it" shades, kitchens suffer from visual ...

The August 2018 Episode

Fri Aug 03 2018 (01:13:02)

J. Forgets His Magazine

In our August 2018 episode, the magazine leaves us thirsty (only one beverage recipe, and it’s plain ole iced tea) so Rob creates his own signature cocktail–the Salty Be-otch–inspired by this month’s paint can lid hues. After sampling another array of excellent foods from Chef Tim, J. confesses that he forgot his magazine…and it’s all downhill from there. Before the pitchers of peach-flavored cocktails run out, we discuss hazardous ottomans, outdoor showers, the #partyboard trend that just won’t ...

Crazy Feet

In this bonus episode we're featuring two segments from our July 2018 episode taping that didn't make the cut (because we can't stop blabbing). These are a little more design-y in nature, and they share a few common themes: white on white (on white...) kitchens, "rustic" wood and a little more womp-womp talk about our least favorite big-name designer (guess who). Plus, Rob picks out a decor trick that he knows J. will totally, totally hate...and he's right. Watch the feed for our August 2018 epi ...

The July 2018 Episode

Sat Jul 07 2018 (01:05:16)

Kinky Hoses

It's the summer/gay pride issue we were all waiting for (and didn't get in June). We hit record on a 100-degree afternoon as Rob pours us a berry lemonade martini inspired by the "Burger Bash" feature. Tim serves lighter-than-they-look snacks by the pool before we escape the heat to the cool confines of our recording spot. The lemonade has us in high gear before we even get past the Editor's Letter and we wind up with our naughtiest episode ever! Listener discretion is advised. We get kinky (wit ...

Mini Episode: The New Victorihemians

Thu Jun 21 2018 (14:21)

Cracking the Gay Pride Code

The new what? In this segment from the June 2018 episode, Rob and J. own up to confused feelings about "The Natural Life" feature on page 116 of the Better Homes & Gardens June 2018 issue. Meet the forager family behind the Insta account Fox Meets Bear and decide for yourself if their style is 1980's "Country Living," an update on Victorian naturalism, trapped-in-the-70's-Woodstock--or do we have it totally wrong? (J. provides a little corrective at the end of this mini episode.) By the end, we ...

The June 2018 Issue

Thu May 31 2018 (01:05:06)

The Gay Pride Episode

In this episode of Could Be Better, it's time for Gay Pride Month, but something's a little amiss. There's only one rainbow in the whole issue, the recipes feature low-alcohol cocktails, and the Editor's Letter leaves us filled with regret. We're determined to make it #werk, however, so we plow on while sipping this month's signature cocktail, the Tito's Smash (courtesy of the back cover...we're making a real difference, girls). We take a trip back to the mid-80's for color trends, swoon over Re ...

Mini Episode: Untucked

Thu May 17 2018 (12:49)

From the May 2018 Episode

This episode is extraaaah! Here are two segments that didn't make it into the main May episode: our convo about the Before & After segment, and a featured food article (with gorgeous wallpaper-worthy pics by Con Poulos). The main theme of these two "cut" bits. Call us the Hardy Boys, because we finally solved the mystery of why most men photographed for the magazine have to untuck their button-down shirts. Plus: stacked tiles, tulip tables, naked vegetables, and the first "fancy" wine that Rob p ...

The May 2018 Issue

Thu May 03 2018 (01:15:45)

Making A Real Difference

In this episode of Could Be Better, we pregame with the classic Tulip cocktail as featured in the magazine and the brandy goes straight to our heads. We imagine that our podcast has made an impact on the editors since the issue is a) all about tulips b) much more diverse and c) a greatest hits of the past few issues: dark wallpapers, a return to paint can lid color samples, painted kitchen cabinets and dads with untucked shirts. Plus, an "I Did It" neither of us have done, what party hosts love ...

Extra Episode (3a): Pink and Blue

Tue Apr 17 2018 (08:42)

The Uncut "Colorful Past" Conversation

This episode is extraaah! We’re sharing our uncut conversation about the “Colorful Past” feature in the April 2018 issue. You heard a little bit of it during Episode 3 but we cut a bunch out to fit (because as you know we always run long) and we didn't have a lot to like (Rob didn't even tag it!). But, as you listeners keep saying, you like it when we don't like stuff, so…here it is. Grab an extra cocktail and have a listen. We’ll be back in just a few short weeks with more drinks, more dish, an ...

The April 2018 Issue

Fri Mar 30 2018 (01:08:38)

We Agree To Disagree

In this episode of Could Be Better, we introduce a new feature--a signature cocktail (or two). After we pre-game with a sparkling pomegranate cocktail, we hit record, open the April issue of Better Homes & Gardens magazine, and start on a few shakers full of Earl Grey tea martinis. Things quickly devolve to discussing whether or not to chop up your leather chaps to make vases, installing wallpaper on your ceiling, the I Did It we've all done, and a disagreement over color that may end Rob and J' ...

The March 2018 Issue

Wed Feb 28 2018 (01:06:40)

It's Growing Men

In this episode of Could Be Better, we delve into the March 2018 issue of Better Homes & Gardens: the gardening issue. For the first time in the magazine's history (as far as we know) there's a single (as in, photographed alone) hot guy on the cover! It's all about the boys in this episode, plus more #houseplants, the horrors of vinyl shutters, and navy as a neutral.

Part 2 of 2

This is part 2 of the original Thirty Thousand Things episode, which functions as the pilot episode for Could Be Better. "When we move on to examining the January 2018 issue of Better Homes & Gardens magazine, the gloves come off and we really spill the tea about what we think of it. But it comes from a place of love. Really." We delve into baskety pendants, where to put the lube, #houseplants, and, though we're both firmly out of the closet, the most remarkable closets your houseguests have eve ...

Part 1 of 2

This intro episode is really Episode 9 of J. Dewey's podcast "Thirty Thousand Things," which was all about the emotional connections people have with the things in their homes. "I interview my good friend Rob (over cocktails) about his huge collection of back issues of Better Homes and Gardens magazine, and we discuss our shared love for the magazine and others like it. When we move on to examining the January 2018 issue, the gloves come off and we really spill the tea about what we think of it. ...