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The One With the Hag

Thu Dec 07 2017 (01:15:02)

Chapters 3 & 4 of Shadow of Night

SON ch 3 & 4Matthew Clairmont and Diana Bishop get around to acknowledging the need for some witchy guidance. The intent: to return back to the present time armed with Diana's new magic, ward off the Congregation, and finally discover the secrets of Ashmole 782.Matthew's friends (The School of Night), offer help by coming up with elaborate stories to explain away her differences. Françoise tries to come to Diana's aid by calling for some gloves and shoes to be made.Matthew summons the Widow Beat ...

The One With the Boys

Tue Nov 21 2017 (01:19:09)

Chapters 1 & 2 of Shadow of Night

SON - ch 1 & 2The reader, like the collective heap of vampire and witch, is splashed into 1590, and it seems the temperature not as quite as comfortable as we had hoped! In this episode, we explore the first two chapters of our favorite book in this series, Shadow of Night. We find that Matthew Clairmont's past is not quite a tidy hole that Diana Bishop's future could easily squeeze into! Join us as we meet Kit, George, Thomas, Henry and Walter (aka The School of Night).See full show notes: go.D ...

Dr. Shelli joins us once again to discuss science and ADOW

We welcome back our favorite vampire scientist, Shelli! We ply her with more questions, and then drift into our reflections of our latest re-read of A Discovery of Witches. Beware! We subject-hop like crazy in this one. Even maybe do a bit of time-walking with 80's heartthrobs. The episode begins with an attempt to balance some daemons with a vampire, and ends with declarations of love for heretical opinions. Make sure your restraints are fastened. Enjoy the ride!See full show notes: go.DaemonsD ...

The One With the Unexpected Visitors

Thu Oct 26 2017 (01:22:10)

Chapters 39-43 of A Discovery of Witches (the end!)

ADOW ch 39-43Endings, beginnings, change . . . we close the chapters of A Discovery of Witches. But first we observe Diana Bishop and Matthew Clairmont meeting Sophie and Nathaniel, and contemplate what their sudden unexpected appearance might mean. Later on, Hamish completes the conventicle, and with his leadership, the Bishop-Clairmont gang lay out a road map for their collective futures. From Sarah's famous scrambled eggs to quiet vows taken in a (mostly) empty house, this episode touches all ...

Chapters 35-38 of A Discovery of Witches

Description: ADOW ch 35-38Settled into the Bishop house, Matthew Clairmont and Diana Bishop are faced with many problems: avoiding the wrath of the congregation, making sense of Diana's magical limitations, and the figuring out the meaning of the wayward page from Ashmole 782 that the house delivered to them in chapter 34.We soon realize that the pairing of Diana Bishop and Matthew Clairmont may not just be fate -- it could be necessary for species survival! In the midst of this discussion, the ...

All Souls Con 2017 reflections

2017 All Souls Con has come and gone, and we exaggerate a bit when we say 'disaster,' because considering the circumstances, we came out way ahead! This episode is a huge thank you to Laura, Karen + the entire crew at All Souls Con, and our fellow fans. It's also a love letter to New Orleans (and its food and drink. Well, judging from the pictures, perhaps that's the bulk of what we did). We'll see you all in Philadelphia next year!See full show notes: go.DaemonsDiscuss.com/BE2Become a Discusser ...

Bonus Edition! Discussers React!

Thu Sep 14 2017 (29:53)

Housekeeping, Daemon Hour & Pre-Con Catch-up

😆 Consider this bonus episode a big old 'Housekeeping' segment. We get Discusser reactions to the earlier casting news (we only read a few, and the rest we'll share over time), and we play a lovely voicemail from our Discusser in Chief (who has a question for all of us)! We also go over some details of the All Souls Convention, Real-Time Reading, and Daemon Hour.xo,~ The DaemonsP.S. Happy Birthday, Daemons Discuss!P.P.S. We really DON'T KNOW about any special panel!P.P.P.S. Eagles fans, no torc ...

Round 2 of A Discovery of Witches TV Casting News!

More casting news! Here we are again with yet another special edition! This time we have our podcasting microphones connected and can act like we've done this before (maybe because now we have? 😉). Busy Daemons! Busy Fandom! Let's talk A Discovery of Witches TV casting, shall we?See full show notes: go.DaemonsDiscuss.com/SE05Become a Discusser (contact info located there as well)Email us directly: DaemonsDiscuss@gmail.comCall & Leave a voicemail! 1 (360) 519-7836or hit us up on SpeakPipeJoin us ...

The One With the Bite

Wed Aug 30 2017 (01:31:01)

Chapters 30-34 in A Discovery of Witches

ADOW - ch. 30 -34Enter Baldwin Montclair! Valerie patiently indulges Angela and Jean (truthfully, she gleefully eggs them on -- that might explain the episode length!) while they spend time with their favorite de Clermont.This has been named 'The One With the Bite,' because of Baldwin's declaration to Matthew: "You bit me!" In this episode, we also head to America (Madison, NY), and meet Sarah Bishop and Emily Mather (and Tabitha. And the House).This is our last recording in the age of innocence ...

Casting News!

Recorded the morning of the announcement (August 22nd, 2017), we are reacting to the news of who will play Matthew Clairmont, and Diana Bishop! Excuse the audio in spots -- this was produced on the fly! We are pleased our 5 years of waiting and watching are over! ON WITH THE SHOW! 😆See full show notes: go.DaemonsDiscuss.com/SE04Contact us and/or become a Discusser!Call & Leave a voicemail! 1 (360) 519-7836or hit us up on SpeakPipeJoin us at All Souls Con!Our Podcast Page: DaemonsDiscuss.comOur ...

The One With the Dream and the Dungeon

Wed Aug 16 2017 (01:08:51)

Chapters 26-29 in A Discovery of Witches

ADOW - Ch 26-29A collection of the most blissful and the most frightening chapters rolled up in one discussion! This discussion opens with Matthew Clairmont's return to Sept-Tours, and closes in a faraway dungeon with Diana Bishop and several spirits. We discuss those events, and what's in between!See full show notes: go.DaemonsDiscuss.com/021Become a Discusser (contact info located there as well)Email us directly: DaemonsDiscuss@gmail.comCall & Leave a voicemail! 1 (360) 519-7836or hit us up on ...

The One With the Kingmaker

Wed Aug 02 2017 (01:12:20)

An Episode About Philippe de Clermont

Philippe de Clermont. Need we say more? Truly, that name was made for the proverbial mike-drop. Nonetheless, we make a valiant attempt at profiling the "Kingmaker."See full show notes: go.DaemonsDiscuss.com/20Become a Discusser (contact info located there as well)Email us directly: DaemonsDiscuss@gmail.comCall & Leave a voicemail! 1 (360) 519-7836or hit us up on SpeakPipeJoin us at All Souls Con!Our Podcast Page: DaemonsDiscuss.comOur Main Site: DaemonsDomain.com Social Media: Twitter - @Daemons ...

Let's talk about Chapters 21-25 in A Discovery of Witches!

ADOW - Ch. 21-25Matthew Clairmont and Diana Bishop have reached a new height in their relationship! Great, right? Well ... Ysabeau is skeptical, Matthew is tentative, and Domenico really has something to say about it, or more correctly, the CONGREGATION does!✮What is the Congregation? We learn about the mysterious panel of nine in these chapters, and it appears it was a secret only to Diana! There so are many more secrets for Diana (and the reader) to uncover. It seems we all have a lot to learn ...

The One Without Modern Sensibilities

Tue Jul 04 2017 (48:22)

We prime ourselves for upcoming Shadow of Night chapters . . .

Since we are more than halfway through the chapters of A Discovery of Witches, it's time to start priming ourselves for the next volume in the trilogy, Shadow of Night. We explore the attitudes of our main characters after our collective time-walk, and discuss their actions (both good and bad). We examine Matthew's secrets, habits, his friends back then, and his family. We look at Diana's methods of assimilation, her insecurities, and her eventual triumph. Join us as we peek at their futures, pl ...

The One With the Fortress

Wed Jun 14 2017 (01:23:06)

Our discussion on chapters 16-20 of A Discovery of Witches

ADOW - Ch. 16-20We journey further into Diana Bishop and Matthew Clairmont's new budding relationship. We find out Marcus is Matthew's son and get a bit of his background. We get a whiff of some of Matthew's secrets. We learn how a vampire is made, and vampire standards as far as tales they don't tell. We journey to France and meet one of Matthew's mothers: YSABEAU. Jam-packed chapters = jam-packed episode! It will definitely cover a longer commute and an ambitious workout at the gym!☞ See full ...

Our conversation with Laura Ventura of All Souls Con

Today we are talking with one of our favorite fellow fan-girls, our friend, and now an official "friend of the podcast," Laura Ventura! Not only is she a fan-girl, but she is one of the organizers of All Souls Con, a fan convention for fans, created by fans! It is named "The One With the Campaigner," because that's Laura's personality profile (16personalities.com)! Is it any surprise? We are so thrilled to have her reminiscing about All Souls Con 2015, and anticipating All Souls Con 2017 with us ...

The One With the Owl

Wed May 17 2017 (01:02:17)

Our discussion on chapters 11-15 of A Discovery of Witches

ADOW - ch. 11-15Originally this was to be called "The One With the Dates," but hey. We're Daemons. We change our minds sometimes. We talk about start of the whirlwind courtship that eventually — in about +/- 70 chapters — culminates into the Bishop-Clairmont scion. Let's not get too far ahead of ourselves, though! This is the beginning of a new era, so we will take our time to savor the moments (Matthew-style, even though he was annoying us with his teasing!) From snowflakes to Sept-Tours, this ...

Our conversation with Aly Davis (a yogini)

If you've followed us for a while, you'll remember our Daemons Domain guest blogger, Aly Davis. She's an All Souls Trilogy fan and a fearless yogini that we ran across while perusing Instagram. The rest was pretty much fate! That was and remains our most popular post (minus giveaways), because she was able to expertly dissect the connection of yoga and the All Souls Trilogy. She took us on a journey into Diana and Matthew's world, and told us how creatures would theoretically benefit immensely f ...

The One With Hamish in the Middle

Wed Apr 19 2017 (52:09)

Our discussion on chapters 6-10 of A Discovery of Witches

ADOW - ch. 6-10Onward! We travel a little further in this adventure called A Discovery of Witches. This take is named "Hamish in the Middle" because his chapter is in the middle of this batch of chapters! We learn a little more about Matthew and Diana and the world they live in, including the people they consider co-workers, best friends and family members. Angela, Jean and Valerie pick out scenes they've noted as turning points in the main character's lives. Feel free to pick up your copy of AD ...

The One With the X's and the Y's

Wed Apr 05 2017 (34:39)

Our conversation about gender roles in the All Souls Trilogy (do they even exist?)

Well, this discussion sure threw us for a loop! Gender roles in the All Souls Trilogy tend to challenge what the reader may consider 'the norm'. We found a few instances of traditional gender roles, but with closer inspection we wound up questioning what 'normal' actually is. Follow us on this perplexing journey and form your own opinions. A short-ish episode -- letting you know so you can plan for commutes/gym time/tasks accordingly (these are the times when most listen to us 😉!)☞ See full sho ...

The One With the First Five

Wed Mar 22 2017 (55:36)

Our discussion on the first five chapters of A Discovery of Witches

ADOW - ch. 1-5Time has arrived for us to start diving into these books! Now that we've covered many of the primer subjects, it's given us sufficient foundation for the dissection of this trilogy called All Souls. Join along as we revisit the beloved words in our favorite series! Not so much a read along per se, but more of an examination of the structure of the story, and the journey that takes us to the eventual establishment of the Bishop-Clairmont family. Before we get ahead of ourselves, let ...

The One With the Moments

Thu Mar 09 2017 (53:46)

In preparation for the chapter deep dive, we talk about our favorite moments in this trilogy

Before we get into chapter discussions (now that we've done many of the primer subjects relating to this trilogy), we wanted to reflect on some of the moments throughout the Trilogy that talked to us, and how we related to them in our own lives. There were quite a few moments, but we managed to narrow them down to snapshot selections to effectively discuss them. If you'd ask us tomorrow, we may come up with something totally different! A big thank you goes to our Discussers, who really delivered ...

The One With Anger Management

Wed Feb 22 2017 (46:33)

Let's talk about blood rage!

Blood rage is an affliction that was kept in the closet in the All Souls Universe (as was the existence of weavers). In this episode we tackle the subject with some of our theories of the science of blood rage, and how it was handled within the de Clermont family.☞ See full show notes: go.DaemonsDiscuss.com/11☞ Contact us and/or become a Discusser!☞ Call & Leave a voicemail! 1 (360) 519-7836 *OR* hit us up on SpeakPipe☞ Join us at All Souls Con!☞ Our Podcast Page: DaemonsDiscuss.com☞ Our Main Si ...

The One With the Experiments

Wed Feb 08 2017 (48:48)

Our feeble attempt of tackling the subject of alchemy...

The dreaded (well, we dreaded it!) episode on alchemy! What an intimidating topic! We do a very (very, very, very) basic overview on alchemy in this episode. We did it with the help of a beginner’s book on alchemy and a bunch of Google searches for different sources. The end result? Surprise! You’ve been doing alchemy in one form of or another all of your life. The end. Next episode! Just kidding, but if you are interested in the subject and were too intimidated to tackle it, you at least have a ...

All Souls Con 2017 is coming!

Save the date! September 23rd, 2017 - All Souls Con 2017 is coming! If you missed the one in 2015, now's your chance to make plans and participate this year!Show notes: http://go.DaemonsDiscuss.com/SE01 For details on AllSoulsCon please visit http://AllSoulsCon.org Contact us (social media links included): http://go.DaemonsDiscuss.com/contact Call and leave a voice mail: 1(360) 519-7836 Visit our podcast home page: http://www.DaemonsDiscuss.com Visit our home base: http://www.DaemonsDomain.com # ...

Our take on the use of the Aurora Consurgens in the trilogy

The Aurora Consurgens is subject matter that we have covered in a post on Daemons Domain, so let's discuss it! Not unlike the pictures of the Alchemical Wedding, the verses of the Aurora Consurgens project the image of the Sun King and Moon Queen or Sol and Luna. In this take, we tackle the verses -- specifically in Godfrey de Clermont's copy. One of our shorter episodes; requires very little time commitment!Read and comment on the episode on the show notes located here: http://go.daemonsdiscuss ...

The One With Personality

Mon Jan 02 2017 (54:32)

What happens when you take the Meyers-Briggs personality test for fictional characters?

Happy New Year! Now that the festivities of the season are in past tense, let's dive right in! We've always been fascinated by the personalities of the characters in this series. So fascinated in fact, that we took it a step beyond with a nudge from one of our Discussers (thank you, Michelle). Without further ado, we present this totally unscientific analysis of different characters of this series. Included are the Meyers-Briggs personality types of (based on our own interpretations & not in ord ...

The One With the Happy Holidays

Mon Dec 19 2016 (38:53)

Daemons Discuss: the holiday edition!

The title says it all! Happy Holidays to everyone in the All Souls family! In this episode we discuss holiday celebrations within the trilogy, our resolutions, our tentative plans for 2017, and our wish to put 2016 to rest (no matter how much it wants to kick and scream!) Happy New Year, everyone! See you in 2017!Show notes for this episode are located here: http://go.daemonsdiscuss.com/07 Follow us on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter: @DaemonsDiscuss or @DaemonsDomain And make sure to visit us at ...

Our somewhat biased take on daemons . . .

The most exquisite creatures! Ok, we are biased. This is the episode where we discuss the "ae" daemons. The creatures in the All Souls Trilogy that maybe don't get a lot of attention paid to them. We had some audio issues in this episode, but we powered through! So for now Valerie will sound like she's calling in via satellite from the moon (the show must go on!)Show notes: http://go.daemonsdiscuss.com/06 Visit our Podcast home: http://www.DaemonsDiscuss.com Visit our Main Site: http://www.Daemo ...

The One With Our TV Wish List

Mon Nov 21 2016 (53:59)

Upcoming TV show + Daemons + wine + wishes = this episode!

Caution! Recorded at night (wine may or may not have been involved), so excuse the silliness! This is us just discussing our general wish list when it comes to the television production of A Discovery of Witches. We have been anticipating this for a very long time, and this discussion has taken place dozens of times, in lots of places over the years! Since we have the means this time, we recorded it! We suggest you pair your listening session with your favorite wine (or fermented beverage of cho ...

The One with the Witches

Tue Nov 08 2016 (41:41)

The witches!

Time to talk about Diana's people! The Witches! In A Discovery of Witches, witches either fell into the catagory spell-casters, or elemental witches. Turns out there were more types of witches (weavers!), as there are many types in the 'realm' we live in. We discuss the pagan practices that Deborah Harkness may have drawn from when she imagined the All Souls Trilogy. What is myth and what is fact when it comes to neo-pagan belief systems? Let's discuss!Show notes: http://go.daemonsdiscuss.com/04 ...

The One with the Other Books

Mon Oct 24 2016 (59:37)

We cheat on the series a bit in this episode! What can we say? We love books!

The more formal title of this would be "What to read while waiting for The Serpent's Mirror, the TV series and more!" - We discuss books and series we've enjoyed and why we like them. Since we have The All Souls Trilogy in common, perhaps you, the listener, may find something you can enjoy. Could be fantasy, romance, slash (gasp!), historical, classic, YA, NA, non-fiction, etc.. Have a listen, grab a pencil/pad and maybe you'll find something to cozy to up by the fire with this season! Also, we' ...

The One With All of the Vampires

Sun Sep 18 2016 (40:12)

Drumroll: the vampires!

Description: A brief comparison between famous literary vampires (written by Polidori, Stoker, Rice, Meyer and more) and the vampires we are familiar with in The All Souls Trilogy.Show notes: http://go.daemonsdiscuss.com/02 #AllSoulsTrilogy #DeborahHarkness #DaemonsDomain

What the heck are we doing here, anyway? Trying stuff out, that's what!

Brief synopsis of how we met, how we came to these books, what the heck we are doing with this podcast (hint - your guess is as good as ours!), and some general impressions on the All Souls Trilogy. We are the ladies behind Daemons Domain - we are simply removing the curtain and giving you a peek at us; geeky, nerdy fan girls ('girls' <- HA! Correction: 'girls at heart' would be a better description of us, but in our heads we remain just what we said, "girls").Show notes: http://go.daemonsdis ...