Bonus Edition! Discussers React!

Thu Sep 14 2017 (29:53)

😆 Consider this bonus episode a big old 'Housekeeping' segment. We get Discusser reactions to the earlier casting news (we only read a few, and the rest we'll share over time), and we play a lovely voicemail from our Discusser in Chief (who has a question for all of us)! We also go over some details of the All Souls Convention, Real-Time Reading, and Daemon Hour.


~ The Daemons

P.S. Happy Birthday, Daemons Discuss!

P.P.S. We really DON'T KNOW about any special panel!

P.P.P.S. Eagles fans, no torches and pitchforks, please. Thanks!

Additional casting news came out on the 11th of September 2017, so we produced another Special Edition Episode:

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