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An Inconvenient Douche

Sun Nov 25 2018 (01:18:36)

A Three Time Losing Political Strategist

Peter Douche is a parody of a parody.To those who don't know the backstory, Peter Douche gained notoriety afterbeing permanently suspended from Twitter and sentenced to life in Twitmo for speaking too much truth to power.To avoid his sentence, he has been sequestered in an Ecuadorian Cafe inside of Embassy Suites. In response to the outrageous ban, the online campaign #FreePeterDouche trended on Twitter. The story of his censorship has beenhighlighted by The Jimmy Dore Show, Julian Assange, and ...

Identity, Affinity, Racism

If race is a fiction can racism remain a nonfiction?I sit down with Brother Beat and Michael Graham of Actify press to discuss this important yet difficult topic. Michael takes us through his theory on affinity bias and how this relates to the importance of solidarity. Brother Beat brings us some hard truth. Its a conversation not to be missed.You can Donate to Actify Press here: https://www.gofundme.com/actify-press-server-amp-yearly-feesFurther Reading:https://www.jacobinmag.com/2015/06/racecr ...

Election Integrity with Ruben Major

Wed Nov 14 2018 (01:19:58)

When a Major isn't a Minor

Ruben Major ran against Alex Padilla for California Secretary of State in 2018 amidst an ACLU lawsuit highlighting the tossing of voter by mail ballots. Ruben has deep knowledge on our election integrity issues and has been fighting to complete the work started by Debra Bowen.Ruben began his career as an EMT nearly 20 years ago, helping those who could not help themselves: seniors, homeless, substance abusers, mentally disabled, and survivors of domestic violence. He has serviced small towns and ...

Berning Green

Kenneth Mejia is an activist millennial challenging Jimmy Gomez from the left. He is a 27-year-old first generation Filipino-American Community Organizer, Certified Public Accountant (CPA), and Board Member of the Wilshire Center Koreatown Neighborhood Council.As a Neighborhood Council Board Member, Kenneth fights for working class families and those living in poverty constantly voting “No” on statements of support for real estate developments of market rate apartments being built due to the hig ...

B is for a peoples's Bank

On November 6, Los Angeles will consider removing a hurdle to open the discussion on forming a public bank. I fully endorse this move that has Wall St. frothing at the bit.


Alexandra Whitney has been on a journey. She has been covering the Middle East for publications such as The Huffington Post and Herald Tribune as a cis gender woman. After being backed into a corner, she came out as Trans and is ready to tell her story. Join me as she shares her journey.You can learn more about Trans Fund United here: http://www.transunitedfund.org/

Workers of the World Unite!

Marshall Auerback is a fellow of Economists for Peace and Security. Auerback graduated in English and philosophy from Queen’s University in 1981 and received a law degree from Corpus Christi College, University of Oxford, in 1983.Join us for a discussion om Karl Marx, Adam Smith and the failings of late stage capitalism as well as why Trumps tariffs are too much, too late.Marshall's latest piece on Alternet: https://live-01.alternet.org/economy/one-global-finances-biggest-doctors-warns-world-eco ...

This aint Their First Rodeo

Laura Moser is an author and activist who ran as a progressive in Texas. She has bylines in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, Slate, Vogue, the Jewish Daily Forward, and many other publications. Following the 2016 election, she founded Daily Action, a text-messaging service that allows people to engage directly in the political process.Her husband, Arun Chaudhary, is an American political operative and filmmaker. After serving on President Barack Obama's presidential 2008 campaign, he ...

On the Bow, Not in a Bowl

Jeffrey Ventre is a medical doctor in Washington State. Prior to becoming a physician, he worked as a marine mammal trainer at SeaWorld from 1987 to 1995, spending seven years with cetaceans and one year with pinnipeds.In June of 1996 he joined orca scientists Ken Balcomb and Astrid van Ginneken for Orca Survey, an ongoing photo identification study of the Southern Resident population of killer whales in the Pacific Northwest. Seeing killer whales in the wild radically altered his perspective on ...

Plan B

Adam Baumel is a progressive running for the Assembly in District 64.Adam served in the Navy from 2009-2013. When the time came for Adam to end his active service, he knew it was time to make his life long dream come true. He was ready to focus on his future, and New York City. He applied to John Jay College, where he majored in Political Science. He did not see this major just as a career path, but rather a chance to give back to the people, and the city that gave him so much hope, and power to ...

Living in a Corporate Petri Dish

Carey Gillam is an investigative journalist who is on the forefront of the Monsanto expose. Through hard work and FOIA requests she uncovered a very tangled web of ghost writing, bought science and regulatory capture. Her book, Whitewash: The Story of a Weed Killer, Cancer, and the Corruption ofScience lays out the entire mess.Also- update on a similar situation between Coca Cola and the CDC.More on Carey: http://careygillam.com/More information on the Monsanto Declassified and FOIA Documents: h ...

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

You already know Abdul El-Sayed the former gubernatorial candidate for the stare of Michigan- now meet Abdul El-Seyed the policy geek. Abdul is a Rhodes Scholar, has a doctorate from Oxford University and a medical degree from Columbia University. As a public health professor, Abdul became an internationally recognized expert in health policy and health inequalities.Abdul is both smart and personable. Join us for a candid conversation on lessons learned, public health, corporate money corruption ...

Medicare For All is Coming

National Nurses United, with more than 150,000 members in every state, is the largest union and professional association of registered nurses in U.S. history. NNU was founded in 2009 unifying three of the most active, progressive organizations in the U.S.—and the major voices of unionized nurses—in the California Nurses Association/National Nurses Organizing Committee, United American Nurses, and Massachusetts Nurses Association. Combining the unparalleled record of accomplishments for nurses an ...

Progressive Super Heroes

Leslie Lee III is a writer and the host of Struggle Session, a podcast that covers pop culture from a leftist perspective.You can listen to his show at patreon.com/strugglesessionHis recent piece on Truth Dig: In Reality, Every Night Is ‘Purge’ Night: https://www.truthdig.com/articles/in-reality-every-night-is-purge-night/

Its Time for Media Revolt

Michael Salamone is the creator of progressive social media site Media Revolt. He was a touring/performing musician at one point, a newspaper reporter, columnist and editor. He is also an ordained minister trying to build a homestead and a church rooted in Christian Socialism.You can keep up with Michael here: https://michaelsalamone.com/You can join Media Revolt here: https://mediarevolt.org/

The Silent Generation Wasnt so Silent

Sam Smith is an 81 year old activist and journalist who has been fighting for progressive causes his entire life. He is the author of multiple books, including Why Bother?- which is on Working Assets recommended reading list. Sam covered the Mississippi Freedom Summer and DC riots during the height of civil rights unrest and has a degree in anthropology. He has had articles published in the Washington Post, Washington Star, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Los Angeles Times, Boston Globe, San Jose Mercu ...

From the Underground Up

Adriel Hampton runs a digital agency in San Francisco and The Really Online Lefty League. Previously, he co-founded and served as president of Pinpoint Predictive, a programmatic advertising targeting company based in San Francisco and was an early member of the Los Angeles software company NationBuilder. In 2009, Adriel became the first person to launch a Congressional candidacy via Twitter.We discuss his work with Gayle McLaughlin, tech organizing, and corruption in California politics.

The Best Way to Rob a Bank is to Own One

This week I discuss the various forms of Socialism and why this term is so weaponized in the United States. From Marxism to social democracies- we cover the spectrum.Some recommended reading is below:https://www.marxists.org/subject/science/essays/kropotkin.htmhttps://mega.actifypress.com/unwealth-of-nations-adam-smith/https://chomsky.info/

Walker Bragman is Exposing the Bagmen

Wed Jun 13 2018 (01:11:33)

Ken Salazar, the DLC and Clinton Greed is Seriously Fracked Up

Walker Bragman is an independent journalist from New York. His work has appeared in Paste Magazine, The Intercept, Huffington Post, Salon, and The Hill.In this episode we discuss his recent pieces in The Intercept:https://theintercept.com/2018/06/06/ken-salazar-colorado-governor-race-fracking/https://theintercept.com/2018/04/25/hillary-clinton-email-dnc-democratic-party/As well as the state of progressive candidate wins and how we push forward.

Progressives, Russia and Russia Hysteria in the Media

David Klion is a freelance writer (The Guardian, The Nation, Al Jazeera) in Brooklyn and a former editor for Al Jazeera America and World Politics Review. He has a master's degree in Soviet history from the University of Chicago and has lived and worked in Russia.David has been writing about Russia long before the Russia Hysteria of 2017. He brings a wealth of knowledge to the the discussion and argues the problem is a problem of global oligarchy and American Players. We discuss this as well as ...

The Gloves are Off

Robert lives on a 40-acre ranchnearYosemite, anddespite the dry summers, foxtails & rattlesnakes, he loves it there. Endorsed by environmentalist actor Ed Begley Jr, we discuss things like the Kern Water Bank.He is a filmmaker Sex and Sushi) and author (REJECTED!: True Tales of (nearly) Overlooked Greatness) running as a progressive in CD 4.You can learn more about his campaign here: https://www.lawton4congress.com/

Ousting the Crooks

David Peterson is a progressive running for the House of Representatives in the rural and red CD 1. He has a computer Science degree from California Maritime Academy, and an MBA in Business Administration/Management Information Systems from University of California, Davis,Peterson built his career making Fortune 500 companies operate more efficiently & ousting the Crooks. He wants to do the same in Washington D.C. so is active in the fight to overturn Citizens United.You can support his campaign ...

Let Them Eat Donuts!

Join me for a relaxed conversation with tech guru John Graziano (Apple, Pixar, TYT Networks) as we discuss this weeks politico shenanigans, California politics and whether there is a special place in hell for Democrat women who endorse Corporate Democrat men over Progressive Women.Links to articles discussed:https://ourrevolution.com/results/https://www.politico.com/story/2018/05/21/bernie-sanders-democrats-2018-599331The IDC:https://mega.actifypress.com/new-york-state-senate-idc-with-democrats- ...

Turphing the TERFS

What does it mean to be an ally to Trans Rights activists in 2018? That is the question I posed to my panel of activists. Join me on a journey that will be both uplifting and informative.Kayleigh McKee is a voice over artist and activist in the Los Angeles area. You can follow her on Twitter here: @GhaspeyVOCameron Combs is a transgender writer, parent and activist living in Olympia Washington. He serves the community as a board vice president for Pizza Klatch, a group providing support and advo ...

A Warrior for Progress

Amy Vilela is much much more than a grieving mother, but because she is a grieving mother, she will never give up.We don't have time to wait around for career politicians, their donors or special interests to do the right thing. We need bold action, now. We need representatives in Washington that understand the stakes of this fight and who will never stop advocating for the people.Endorsed by Our Revolution, Justice Democrats, National Nurses United, and Vets for Sanders.You can donate to Amy an ...

This Kant Continue

This is a candid conversation on the persistent problem of wealth inequality between blacks and whites. We discuss its roots, its myths and some possible solutions.My guest, Michael Graham, is an author and the founder of Actify Press. He has written extensively on economic and race issues. You can read his work on Progressive army, and of course at Actify Press!Follow Michael on Twitter @BLUpfrontDebunking Myths Surrounding the Racial Wealth Gap: https://socialequity.duke.edu/sites/socialequity ...

Mal Hyman: Common Sense for the Common Good

Tue Apr 24 2018 (01:44:18)

Catch a man a fish, and you can sell it to him. Teach a man to fish, and you ruin a wonderful business opportunity

Mal Hyman is running for Congress in South Carolina's 7th district. He is a professor of political science and sociology at Coker College. He is an alumnus of UCLA.Working with the United Nations, Mal Hyman monitored the elections in Nicaragua in 1990 and in Mexico in 1994. He also visited Gaza during the second intifada. We discuss these historical trips in depth.For 12 years, he has also taught government and economics at the South Carolina Governor’s School for Science and Math, helping stude ...

Sometimes You have to Leave in Order to Stay

Tim Canova is a law professor that works in the area of economics and international trade. He served on Senator Sanders economic reform committee in 2011. He is currently running as an Independent against Debbie Wassermann Schultz in Florida.In the 1990s, while an associate attorney at a prominent law firm and then as a visiting professor at the University of Miami, Tim opposed efforts to weaken the 1933 Glass-Steagall Act firewalls that had separated commercial banking from the risky securities ...

Slaying the Sacred Cow

Scott Charles is the Trauma Outreach Coordinator for Temple University Hospital in Philadelphia and is Director of TUH's Cradle to Grave Program, an award-winning hospital-based violence prevention initiative that illustrates the harsh realities of gun violence for public school students and adjudicated youth. He is also a member of St. Joseph's University's Institute for Violence Research and Prevention.Scott has spent more than 20 years working with at-risk youth and has spoken nationally abou ...

Police Reform Comes From Within

Alex Villanueva is a long time reformer and activist. He also happens to be a long time deputy who is running for Los Angeles County Sheriff. Alex holds a Doctorate in Public Administration. His dissertation is on the impact of diversity on law enforcement leadership.Alex discusses police reform, fixing corruption, race bias in the department- and how we tackle these problems from inside the law enforcement agencies. Other topics include money bail reform, propositions 47 and 57.You can read mor ...

Justice as Fairness

Pat Harris is a world class criminal defense attorney that has seen from the inside our need for justice system and police reform. Harris is known for representing Susan McDougal during the Whitewater Scandal, as well as Michael Jackson. His book Mistrial takes a deep dive into why the soft on crime narrative was so devastating.We discuss Medicare For All, money bail reform, prosecuting murderous police officers, civil rights, Involuntary servitude, fair trade and getting money out of politics. ...

Free Markets aren't really Free

Marshall Auerback is a Market practitioner/analyst and Research Associate at the Levy Institute for Economics. We discuss Bankster scandals, income inequality and the Democrats that walk in lock step with the GOP on these issues. His recent peice in Alternet exposes the Crapo bill that is endemic of the relationship.We also take a deep dive into the LIBOR, Adam Smith, and the embedded moral decisions in positive economics. The conversation is both educational and accessible.

When the Rose Blooms

I sat down with David Hildebrand, who is running against incumbent Diane Feinstein, for a lengthy and informative discussion on much needed policy change. He shares his views on DNC corruption, the corporate oligarchy, police brutality and reform and foreign policy.You can donate to his campaign here: https://www.davidforcalifornia.com/

The Winds of Change

Gayle is the progressive City of Richmond Mayor who successfully took on big oil. She is an advocate for Medicare for All, tuition free public university and more affordable housing.We discuss the corporate loophole in Prop 13, how to fix UC funding and why we should create a state bank in California.You can read more about Gayle and donate here: https://gayleforcalifornia.org/

The Good, The Bad and The DiFi

We discuss the endorsements, The DiFi #TimesUp not so dramatic un-incidence, and the progress on progressive pushes.

The Grassroots Beneath District 12's Feet

Stephen Jaffeis an attorney, lifelong Democrat, dedicated BernieCrat- and he is primarying House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. He supports single-payer healthcare, private prison reform and mental health reform. He has a comprehensive plan to deal with income inequality and the unintended consequences of Prop 13.You can donate to his campaign here: https://jaffe4congress.com/

Organizer, Activist, Rock Star

Elijah Manley is 19 years old and has already run for president. He became an activist while in 9th grade and its currently running for the Broward County School Board. Suffice it to say, he is ahead of the class curve!We discuss the current politics of Broward County, civil rights and what he envisions for the future. He is a Black Lives Matter activist as well as a board member for Youths Rights. He is also a National Committee member for the Green Party. His passion and knowledge will impress ...

The Art of the Grift

Geoff Campbell, writing for The Progressive Army, recently broke a financial scandal on The Democratic Coalition and founder Scott Dworkin. Geoff takes us through his piece and why it matters.It can be read here: http://progressivearmy.com/2018/01/11/exclusive-resistance-lawsuit-how-scott-dworkins-super-pac-spent-donations/And here: http://progressivearmy.com/2018/01/04/exclusive-resistance-grift-scott-dworkin-turned-resistance-personal-payday/Matt Detch, a recent congressional candidate in West ...

Lee Camp, comedian, gadfly, and host of Redacted Tonight

Lee Camp, comedian, gadfly, and host of Redacted Tonight on Russia Today sits down with Tina to discuss neo-McCarthyism, media consolidation and the state of Independent journalism. In this raucous interview Lee talks about the flack he has received from celebrities like Michael Ian Black on Twitter. Rather than disparage the haters Lee discusses why free speech is important to helping these people come to the light. Gracious and funny, Lee knocks this interview out the park!

Jeff Clements attorney, author, and co-founder of American Promise

Jeff Clements is an attorney, author, and co-founder of American Promise. He is the author of Corporations Are Not People: Reclaiming Democracy From Big Money And Global Corporations. He has been one of the chief advocates for a 28th Amendment to overturn Citizens United v. FEC. His amicus brief can be read here: https://transition.fec.gov/law/litigation/citizens_united_sc_08_pcl&d_supp_brief_amici.pdf Also- please consider supporting his bipartisian efforts at American Promise: http://www.ameri ...

Alt Right is Not Right

Luke O’Brien talks to Tina-Desiree Berg about the Alt Right extremism and right-wing propaganda. Luke O'Brien covers political extremism and propaganda for HuffPost and is a contributing writer on the Highline team. He specializes in narrative and investigative features and has worked for POLITICO magazine, Deadspin, Wired News, an alt-weekly and a small-town daily. His freelance work has appeared in The Atlantic, Fortune, Rolling Stone, Fast Company, and Slate, among other publications. Read hi ...

Paula Swearengin and Matt Kerner on standing up for Progressive Values in West Virginia

Tina-Desiree Berg talks to Paula Swearengin and Matt Kerner on standing up for Progressive Values in West Virginia. On this episode of District 34 we have Paula Swearengin the Justice Democrat endorsed candidate taking on West Virginia's Joe Manchin for a seat in the Senate. Joining Paula is Matt Kerner a progressive candidate for the West Virginia House of Delegates. You'll love this thoughtful, in-depth discussion of how progressive values can translate to the states won by Trump. Check out Pa ...

Producer & Activist Jeanine Rohn on California politics, election reform

Producer & Activist Jeanine Rohn talks to Tina-Desiree Berg about California politics, election reform & reclaiming the party.Jeanine is a filmmaker/ political activist involved in elevating socially relevant issues through activism and media for over 25 years. She is currently a CA State delegate to the Democratic Party involved in a wide range of caucuses and both candidate and issue-driven campaigns throughout the state.She routinely attends the LACDP, CADEM as well as the DNC conventions and ...

The Zig-Zog of Israel and the DNC

Dr. Jim Zogby on Trump's Jerusalem Declaration & the DNC Unity Reform Commission On this episode Tina-Desiree Berg talks to Dr. James J. Zogby president of the Arab American Institute and long-serving member of the Executive Committee of the Democratic National Committee. This interview could not be more prescient given President Trump's radical move to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and order to move the U.S. Embassy to move from Tel Aviv. The move which contravenes 20 years of precede ...

#MedicareForAll with Dr. Ron Birnbaum

Thu Nov 23 2017 (52:44)

Medicare for All with Dr. Ron Birnbaum

Medicare for All with Dr. Ron Birnbaum Medicare for All: History and Politics of the For-Profit System. Tina explores dives into the politics and history of our current for-profit medical system. Beginning with a rare clip of Richard Nixon which gets to the heart of the problem with our system. Medicare for All: Dr. Ron Birnbaum Interview Dr. Ron Birnbaum is a physician in Los Angeles who has dedicated his career to giving all members of our community access to quality healthcare. In his intervi ...