District 34 Podcast

District 34 is catching fire. Things could get messy.

Hosted by Tina-Desiree Berg, MA in Philosophy. The District 34 Podcast builds on the idea that local action creates national results. From the inside of the Democratic party to the forces pushing it left, the 34th Congre... More
Latest Episode2019-1-19

From Occupy to Antifa- Progressive Activism with Kit O'connell

Kit O’Connell is a gonzo journalist from Austin, Texas. He is openly biased toward human rights and equality.

Kit is also the Editor-in-Chief of Ministry of Hemp, America’s Leading Hemp Advocate. His past includes being an Editor at Fire Dog Lake. He continues to report on activism and social justice as an independent journalist. His writing has appeared in Hemp Magazine, The Establishment, YES! Magazine, The Texas Observer and Truthout.

You can read more on Kit here: