Mal Hyman: Common Sense for the Common Good

Tue Apr 24 2018 (01:44:18)

Mal Hyman is running for Congress in South Carolina's 7th district. He is a professor of political science and sociology at Coker College. He is an alumnus of UCLA.

Working with the United Nations, Mal Hyman monitored the elections in Nicaragua in 1990 and in Mexico in 1994. He also visited Gaza during the second intifada. We discuss these historical trips in depth.

For 12 years, he has also taught government and economics at the South Carolina Governor’s School for Science and Math, helping students understand the importance of civic engagement and economic policy.

His book, “Covering High Treason: Media Coverage of the Assassination of President Kennedy.” will be available early 2018.

You can donate to Mal's campaign here: