#MedicareForAll with Dr. Ron Birnbaum

Thu Nov 23 2017 (52:44)

Medicare for All with Dr. Ron Birnbaum Medicare for All: History and Politics of the For-Profit System. Tina explores dives into the politics and history of our current for-profit medical system. Beginning with a rare clip of Richard Nixon which gets to the heart of the problem with our system. Medicare for All: Dr. Ron Birnbaum Interview Dr. Ron Birnbaum is a physician in Los Angeles who has dedicated his career to giving all members of our community access to quality healthcare. In his interview with host Tina-Desiree Berg he discusses the nuances of providing Medicare for All, his recent run for Congress, and the political obstacles facing health care reform. Find Dr. Ron Birnbaum on Twitter: @ronbirnbaumca Ron's Website: http://birnbaumforassembly.com