An Inconvenient Douche

Sun Nov 25 2018 (01:18:36)

Peter Douche is a parody of a parody.

To those who don't know the backstory, Peter Douche gained notoriety after being permanently suspended from Twitter and sentenced to life in Twitmo for speaking too much truth to power.  To avoid his sentence, he has been sequestered in an Ecuadorian Cafe inside of Embassy Suites. In response to the outrageous ban, the online campaign #FreePeterDouche trended on Twitter. The story of his censorship has been highlighted by The Jimmy Dore Show, Julian Assange, and numerous progressive outlets. 


When Peter was unjustly censored, he pledged to use the attention his situation received to expand his voice. "An Inconvenient Douche" is the result. This book is not about Peter Douche's personal story, rather it's an assessment of our current political landscape, as seen through the eyes of a three-time losing political strategist of color.

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