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The D&D podcast for new & veteran DMs

DMs of Vancouver is a podcast for new and veteran DMs. We go over a variety of topics, trying to give good advice on what a DM will encounter as they run games for their players.
Latest Episode2019-2-4

Episode 45 - RPG Kitchen

This week we talk to Adam Brooks of RPG Kitchen, a charity that helps feed the hungry!

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Episode 45 - RPG Kitchen

Feed the hobby, feed the hungry!

Episode 44 - Andrea Driedger & Introverted DMing

DMing (or playing!) while introverted.

Episode 42: End of Year!

Jessy & Sean talk about 2018, and what's coming up in 2019

Episode 41 - Caitiln & Running Pre-Made Settings

Using modules and pre-made content to make your life easier.

Episode 40: Sean Hallaren & Skills

Making skill checks fun again.

Episode 39: Doug Vandelay & Worldbuilding

This week we talk to Doug Vandelay about world building, diving further into how to create a world for your players to inhabit. If you've got questions you'd like us to dive into, get in touch on…