the Dodcast

Stories of interesting people, business, & creativity.

the Dodcast is my podcast where I talk about things that I find interesting with people who are much cooler than I am.I like photography, history, psychology, design, creativity, and pondering why people work they way th... More

#8 - JUSTIN JAMES MUIR - netflix, commercial photography, marketing

Incredible, cinematic portrait photography, working for TV networks, and photographing chickens.

#7 – MAX GRUDZINSKI - getting into photography, skiing in europe, and photographing my wedding

From a young photographer just getting started to managing a film studio before he knew it. Let's talk about my good buddy, Max in this episode of the show and chat about wedding photography, Photoshop vs. Lightroom, Skiing, personal projects, and more!

#6 - BILL CRAMER - commercial photography, mobsters, journalism, & making more money

Stories of a journalistic photographer and making the transition to commercial photography, building an agency, and helping young photographers get their start.

#5 - ALEX HILLMAN - coworking, getting it wrong, & freelancing with friends

Building a coworking space from the ground up, finding the people to build a business with, and grinding to make it all work.

#4 - DR. AMERICUS REED, II - building your brand, tedx talks, & epic workouts

Building modern brands, what's your "dad brand", irrational fears & phobias, and more!

#3 - JOE KELLY - photography for an agency & photographer/model scams

Starting as a model, traveling the world, coming home and becoming a photographer working with agencies and models to build careers is what Joe Kelly has made a career of.

#2 - JALEEL KING - life in a wheelchair, looking for love, & canon vs. sony

Talking life, love, and photography after a gunshot wound confined him to his wheelchair. A "deep" podcast episode to say the least.