#2 - JALEEL KING - life in a wheelchair, looking for love, & canon vs. sony

Fri May 25 2018 (01:19:23)

This is “the Dodcast” I’m your host, Nathaniel Dodson. In today’s podcast I sat down with Jaleel King, a photographer from right here in Philadelphia. To say that Jaleel has a life story a little different than most of us would be an understatement. Jaleel’s photography is predominately street-style photography from his own unique angle and using his own unique style.

In our discussion, Jaleel and I dive deep into his life story, how he was shot and almost killed as a young child in a random act of violence, his optimistic outlook on life while working with the unique set of challenges he’s been dealt, his search for love, some of his favorite camera gear, his transition from Canon to Sony cameras, a crazy trip to Australia, and we even spend a few minutes arguing about gun control. We pretty well cover all the bases on THIS, the second episode of “the Dodcast.”