#3 - JOE KELLY - photography for an agency & photographer/model scams

Wed May 30 2018 (01:37:33)

This is “the Dodcast” I’m your host, Nathaniel Dodson. In today’s podcast I visited with Joe Kelly, a model-turned-photographer who is based out of York, Pennsylvania. Joe has worked with agencies in California, Miami, New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia, and more and has developed a keen understanding of the industry from both a model and a photographer’s vantage point. He likes to style himself a photographer that will not only help build a model’s portfolio, but help them launch their career itself.

In our talk, Joe and I will talk about his early modeling days and a trip to Milan that humbled this brash young model, his transition into photography, the approach he takes when photographing people, some views on retouching or altering images, and a cringe-worthy comp card that got him started years ago. We talk about all this and much more on THIS, the third episode of “the Dodcast.”

This episode contains EXPLICIT language. Consider yourself warned :D