#8 - JUSTIN JAMES MUIR - netflix, commercial photography, marketing

Mon Jul 30 2018 (01:09:35)

This is “the Dodcast” I’m your host, Nathaniel Dodson. In today’s podcast I sat down with Justin James Muir, a Philadelphia area photographer who is arguably one of the best photographers in the county. The smooth colors, the sublime use of light and shadow, the depth of field, and the location light he captures are only a few of the thing that will convince you that his work is a cut above the rest of us.

We talk a whole lot about commercial photography, working with top photographer JoeyL, working as a creative director for a big TV channel, photographing chickens with his own personal “Chicken Whisperer,” the challenges of marketing yourself as a photographer, landing magazine photo jobs, Netflix addictions, and a whole lot more in this, the eighth episode of “the Dodcast.”