#4 - DR. AMERICUS REED, II - building your brand, tedx talks, & epic workouts

Tue Jun 05 2018 (01:18:05)

This is “the Dodcast” I’m your host, Nathaniel Dodson. In today’s podcast I sat down with the powerful and legendary Dr. Americus Reed, II. I met Americus a number of years ago when he hired me to shoot a series of photos for his own personal brand and very quickly found myself fascinated with this professor, who, when compared with other professors, is best described as, a bit different… in all the right ways.

In our talk, Americus and I talk about doing the right research before developing your brand, how he teaches his students... and how they respond, we talk about the challenges of modern branding in this socially-aware environment, we chat about TED talks, YouTube RED, Men vs. Women, Black vs. White, what my own “Dad Brand” is, some of our greatest fears & phobias, and somehow slavery even gets talked about. We talk about all this and much more on THIS, the fourth episode of “the Dodcast.”