Dov Baron's Leadership & Loyalty Show: Family Business breaking Through The Taboo Conversations

Thu Jun 01 2017 (24:54)

Being a great leader requires massive self-awareness. From that self-awareness we can develop many of the relationship skills it will take to be truly great at leading others. However, there is a dirty secret in the world of leadership, a secret that everyone skirts around stating (particularly in the world of multi-generational family business. On this episode of Dov Baron's Leadership and Loyalty Tips: Dov Baron reveals this secret, brings it out into the open and allowing us the opportunity to deal and heal the very thing that can bring a titan to its knees. With gratitude, Dov… My Authentic Leadership Matrix is free this link:! Why? Because one of the questions I’m most often asked is; What authentic leadership is and how do we define it? As a result, with years of experience and extensive requests, I created Authentic Leadership Matrix. It’s designed to give you a clear process of how to perform in each of the five main areas that are required for you to become a world class authentic leader. Start your yes and no evaluation to discover your leadership traits here: Click here for my latest for Want to retain your top talent? Then my “Fiercely Loyal” book is for you! Plus get your free: “How to instantly bond any team” infographic: