Leadership Expert, Speaker and Author, Jim Bouchard #299

Fri Jul 08 2016 (01:01:21)

Are you sick, tiered and angry about the quality leadership we are dealing with today...particularly at a political level? Do you wish someone would step up and call the craziness out? Our guest today is someone who decided to do something about it. Yes, I know it’s shocking but he got angry about the way things were going and decided to do something about it. My guess today is a highly in demand leadership expert, speaker and author who I am honoured to call my friend (not in the Hollywood sense) but a real friend. He is someone I highly respect as a leader of leaders. He’s also an outspoken individual who is committed to making a difference. And as a result has decided to jump into the crazy game of politics. He has chosen to run for the US House of Representatives as a Libertarian His slogan is "Not One. Penny. More." My mate Mr Jim Bouchard. Jim is always an outstanding guest and this time was no exception. I was just thinking how our discussion was in many ways an example of what healthy politics would look like. Passionate, heated (not always in agreement) and fighting for a common good! This is what the fools don't understand...We don't have to agree to like and respect each other to get along and make a difference. Check out Jim's Libertarian stance and get his free book here...I promise you'll find it highly stimulating! http://bit.ly/CrazyAngryLibertarian More on the host: Dov Baron http://FullMontyLeadership.com