Curiosity and Leadership #298

Mon Jul 04 2016 (15:48)

Why curiosity may be your most important leadership quality. What does it mean to be curious. Are you interesting or interested? Are there any REAL Leaders left? Before I answer, I have to ask another question: Do you want to hear the absolute truth? I’m talking about the raw truth and definitely Not some buttered up, make it sound better than it is bunch of B.S. What I’m talking about is just you and me, sitting across the table from each other speaking our truth. (A word of caution…. What you are about to read will likely piss some people off. Maybe even you!) If you are ready to hear the absolute truth then I’m here to tell you that… There are no REAL Leaders anymore. Don’t believe me? Take a look around. You and I both know that leadership in its present form is a about as effective as a Jell-O© bullet. The problem is, we’ve been trained to believe someone is a leader because of position, title or accumulation of goodies, and it’s about time we realized; that’s not “real” leadership. So let’s boil leadership down to its core…  You are a leader if you have people who have consciously decided to follow you. Note that I said consciously. That means they aren’t following you because they have to, they’re supposed to, or for any other reason than you, their leader, are the example of the way they want to be! So let’s take a look at some so-called leaders we have today. Read more: