Mindy Mackenzie: The Courage Solution

Sat Jun 25 2016 (43:47)

Is telling the truth while climbing the corporate ladder the kiss of death?

Not according to Mindy Mackenzie.

According to Mindy Mackenzie (the “Velvet Hammer”) having the courage to tell the truth is the ultimate solution, to scaling success mountain and having a personal life while building a career.

Mindy Mackenzie is a sought-after speaker among major corporations and conferences. An expert on truth-telling in the workplace, Mindy is undaunted by the proverbial elephant in the room, she has a knack for getting at the heart of what her audience really wants to know.

Before founding MM Enterprises, Mindy served as Chief Performance Officer of Beam, Inc., where she was responsible for a team of 150 and led consistent outperformance with market share gains and double-digit earnings growth. In this role, Mindy earned the nickname of the “Velvet Hammer” because she crushed the norm of avoiding sensitive topics, but she did it with style and grace.

Prior to working at Beam, Mindy spent five years at Campbell Soup Co. and nine years at Wal-Mart, advancing through various Senior Leadership HR and Organizational Development roles.

More on Mindy Mackenzie: http://mindymackenzie.com

More on Mindy's Book "The Courage Solution": https://goo.gl/uLGc3e

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