Jared Nichols: Why You Need To Rethink Your Next Quarter (Century)

Thu Jun 09 2016 (56:53)

On This episode of Dov Baron's Leadership and Loyalty Podcast our guest Jared Nichols. Jared Nichols is a deep futures strategist, executive advisor, speaker, and coach. He provides the tools to help leaders and organizations gain competitive advantage, seize new market opportunities, drive in new revenue, and increase profits. As one of the few people in the world to hold a Masters Degree in Strategic Foresight, Jared is sought out by leaders, organizations, and entrepreneurs to help them identify and create their long-term successful future. Why and how to leverage the technology that's available to us. On this show Jared Nichols guides us through the process of not just looking around the next corner but rather the next five corners. To find out more about Jared go to: http://The JaredNicholsGroup.com More on the host http://FullMontyLeadership.com