Leadership Matrix

Mon May 02 2016 (13:45)

Do you understand people? What makes them tick? What is your Emotional Capital? This impacts your communication effectiveness. http://matrix.fullmontyleadership.com/ Dov Baron is president and chief facilitator of Authentic Paragon Alliance, which is a business leadership consulting firm. The company assists leaders in discovering the invisible factors that activate an organization’s “success DNA” to generate “fierce loyalty” from their teams and their customers, according to Baron. Learn about the Leadership Matrix: http://matrix.fullmontyleadership.com/ If money could actually make us happy then why is it that: “Among the extremely wealthy, suicide was the cause of 23.6 percent of their deaths between 2008 and 2010. Suicide among millionaires and billionaires […] is a social problem, which shows more people cannot cope with the pressure they feel to maintain their wealth after they’ve become successful,” said Hu of Fudan University. Did you know, suicide rates are higher among the wealthiest nations? You know how… the more successful we become the more pressure there is to uphold an image of what we are “supposed” to be… Then you also probably know… The more successful people become the easier it is to feel like there are less and less people you can trust with your own problems and challenges? The main problem is: That we might think because we have become successful we’ve figured it all out… The biggest challenge with that is that as we become increasingly successful it’s easy to also become increasingly cynical too. Read more at http://fullmontyleadership.com/executive-mentorship/