Fair Versus Equal Podcast Episode 283

Mon Feb 29 2016 (11:48)

The Battle of the Century! Fair Versus Equal. Is it possible that treating people equal in unfair? Can it create resentment? What happens when you look at situations from the prespective of fair, instead of equal. The bad news: Leadership includes conflict!  To be a great leader you must become a C.R.O (Chief Relationship Officer) and that means becoming a master of conflict resolution. (However, that conflict doesn’t have to be nasty) It is estimated that conflict in the workplace cost US employers over a billion dollars every year. Therefore, with the right training, it’s the single most preventable cause of lost revenue. However, there is an even higher cost of avoiding conflict in that your people will be walking around carrying resentment and frustration that keeps them walled off. These walls will in turn crushes both innovation and morale, not only in that individual but everyone they work with. Your corporate culture is the life blood of your organization and not dealing with conflict will turn that blood toxic. Read more at http://fullmontyleadership.com/corporate-culture/