Bestselling Author Dave Crenshaw The Full Monty Leadership & Loyalty Podcast

Sat Dec 26 2015 (49:27)

Dave Crenshaw is the guest on @TheDovBaron's Full Monty #Leadership and Loyalty Show. Dave is the master of helping business owners triumph over chaos. He has appeared in Time magazine, FastCompany, USA Today, and the BBC News. His first book,The Myth of Multitasking: How ‘Doing It All’ Gets Nothing Done, has been published in six languages and is a time management best seller. His latest book, The Focused Business: How Entrepreneurs Can Triumph Over Chaos, is also a small business best seller. As an author, speaker, and business coach, Dave has transformed thousands of businesses worldwide. On this episode: * Dave shares the #1 thing all Entrepreneurs and executives want. * Why Multitasking is a pure myth. * Why the worst possible person to learn time management from is someone who is organized. * We look at how and why you are wasting 25% of all your labor costs * Dave also shares the specific formula for Focused Time! Get access to Dave Crenshaw "Time Management Fundamentals" now by going here: For more on The Host Dov Baron go here: or