Nicholas Boothman International Bestselling Author

Sat Jul 11 2015 (37:17)

My guest on this episode of Dov Baron's #Leadership and Loyalty Tips for Executives is Nicholas Boothman, he is an International Bestselling Author and speaker whose books have been translated into over 30 languages. The New York Times called him "Dale Carnegie for a rushed era". In this show Nick and I share: * A guaranteed way to make sure you fail even if you have a fabulous goal and vision. * The Power of Burning Bridges * The real difference between knowledge and wisdom * Nick shares his golden secret to writing a book that is a guaranteed bestseller * Why most authors are dead wrong about who their primary audience is... and how to write for the audience who will keep you on top of the best seller list for years. * How to stand out and differentiate yourself in 3 short sentences! Find out more about Nick: More about Dov Baron: