Balancing External Demands with Your Own Needs

Fri Nov 10 2017 (01:09:30)

As a leader or entrepreneur you know…The demands are high.

But how do you balance the often multi-directional pull of external demands against your own needs and desire to go for gold?

Our guest on this episode is… Sharon Worsley, The Business Development Ninja™. Sharon is widely recognized as one of the most practical presenters on business building ideas, personal leadership and networking.

Sharon says that: Most people live their life on autopilot and then wonder why they seem to be struggling.

Sharon commitment is to inspire you to Wake Up to your present circumstances, Shake Up your mindset, and she’ll show you simple yet powerful strategies to Show Up fully in your life, career or business and community.

The author of the new book ‘Wake Up, Shake Up, and Show Up…How to Live Life on Purpose’, Sharon has successfully coached a wide variety of individuals from sales professionals to CEO’s to multi-millionaires to get past their own internal obstacles in life like procrastination, poor mindset and a self-defeating attitude.

On top of all her ongoing successes Sharon also runs the Toronto Skirt Club

Sharon is also the author of ‘Timeless Secrets to Creating Clients for Life’… The Important How-To’s For Growing Your Business Today, Tomorrow and Beyond!

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