Blindspots, Assumptions, & The Lies That Keep You from Greatness

Mon Mar 26 2018 (01:02:50)

You have got to stay ahead of the curve and this is particularly difficult in an age where in a week we are bombarded with more info than our grandparents might have been in a decade. How do we sift through the daily borage to find the truth, and the best ideas when we all have blindspots?

Well stay tuned because our guest on this episode is Joshua Miller 

Joshua Miller is a master certified personal & executive coach who spends his life supporting people to bury their bullshit and uncover the greatness they already have. 

He started his career as a Creative Director in advertising, responsible for the campaign strategies of Fortune 100 brands, and now creates and supports executive leadership development for many of the same companies. 

He’s a Ted Talk speaker, a Linkedin Top Influencer, a contributing writer for major Industry related journals like Thrive Global and Medium, and creator of “MyInstantCoach”, the first life-coaching app for the iPhone. Married with two children living in California, this former Manhattanite is currently dedicating himself to finding the best “slice” of pizza on the West Coast.

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