Finding Your Leadership Flow

Thu Jun 07 2018 (53:48)

being in the “Flow” is it something leaders can do, and if they can, what’s the impact on business and leadership? 

There’s have been times when you have struggled and toiled or every thought, every decision and every action. But there have also been times where it has all seemed so easy, even effortless. So how can you naturally be in that flow state as a leader…

Well stay tuned because our guest is Croft Edwards….

Croft Edwards is a Speaker, Author, Master Certified Coach, President of CROFT + Company, and the genesis behind LeadershipFlow, the study of how to help individuals and organizations be at their best. 

He has been leading leaders and their teams find their Flow since 2001 in a variety of fields: mining, refining, government agencies, sovereign nations, manufacturing, start-ups, small businesses, and health care. 

He is also a retired military officer having served over 20 years in the Army, on both active and reserve duty. He held leadership positions throughout his career and has an MBA and a MA in history. These experiences help him understand  

His latest book is titled: Leadership Flow; Perfectly Squared, it’s a story about learning to lead and transforming a company. 

On this episode we'll dive into:

  • What Flow is…
  • Why we need to redefine Leadership away from being exclusively about results
  • Leadership as Flow: 
  • Mood & Emotions: Do they have a place in Leadership?
  • Conversational Currency. 

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