How Asking: "Is This All There Is?" Transforms Businesses

Sat Mar 31 2018 (56:30)

At every level of your organization you have got to have teams who can not only come together but also create extraordinary results. But how are you going to build teams that will, even in the most extreme circumstances out perform the competition?  

Well stay tuned because you are about to find out; our guest on this episode is Casper Craven.

Caspar Craven is a leader in his own right, he’s launched multiple successful ventures and sold one for a 7 figures whilst sailing the Pacific Ocean. 

Moreover, his perspective on leadership and how to work better as a team is not only unique but also deeply relevant to us all. 

His experience covers not only working with large and small organizations, but working in the most extreme environments. Casper Craven is the author of a brand new book entitled: “Where The Magic Happens” 

He has twice sailed around the world - most recently with his wife and 3 young children… so he knows a bit about building teams.

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