Hustle and Heart: Can They Live Together?

Mon Oct 09 2017 (01:00:36)

Hustle and Heart: Are They Friends or Enemies?

On this episode we be take an insider look at terms like servant leader and heart based leader. These are terms that are making their way into the main stream of business conversation. But the real questions are; is there room for being a heart based leader in a highly competitive business world, particularly for a leader who wants to work in a top organization?

Or is it just some trend that will fade away?

Is there anyone actually doing it?

If there is, are those companies the ones who will never make it to the big time, or control the big time.

Our guest on this episode is Claude Silver, Chief Heart Officer at Vayner Media.

Claude Silver’s career spans nearly 20 years at numerous Fortune 50 companies. She held senior leadership posts at both J. Walter Thompson, and Public-is in London.

However, today Claude Silver is VaynerMedia's inaugural Chief Heart Officer–a first of its kind position created to scale the company’s people-first ethos and she does so under the leadership of Social Marketing Superstar Gary Vaynerchuk

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