If Your Business Was a Band Could You Make Stadium Status?

Thu Jan 18 2018 (56:36)

What today’s cutting edge leaders are learning from pro-athletes and country music stars!

In today’s world of business "thinking big" has a whole different meaning than it once had. Now we are all doing business on a global level and business as usual just won’t cut it!

But how do you go from being the equivalent of an unknown musician playing small local gigs to being a superstar with Stadium Status in the world of business?

And, is there in fact a lot you could learn about business today by examining how star athletes and superstar musicians get to Stadium Status?

Well stay tuned because we are about to find out.

Our guest on this episode is John Brubaker. 

John Brubaker is a nationally renowned performance consultant, speaker and award-winning author.

Using a multidisciplinary approach, John helps organizations and individuals develop their competitive edge.

He teaches his audiences how to obtain better results in business with straightforward tools that turbo charge performance. Recently cited as one of Forbes Magazines Top 10 Consultants Who Avoid The BS.

His latest book is entitled: Stadium Status; Taking your business to the big time!

To find out more about John Brubaker: http://CoachBru.com

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