Overcoming The Chaos Factor

Wed May 23 2018 (01:01:03)

As Leaders we all know the importance of having a Vision, Mission and Purpose. But how do you get through and systematize the day-to-day meetings that suck up your time making it seem impossible to stay aligned with your Vision, Mission and purpose?

Well stay tuned because our guest today is Scott Beebe.

Scott is the Head Coach and Founder of the Business On Purpose platform and the Business On Purpose podcast. 

Scott spends all of his time in business doing one thing... Liberating Business Owners from the CHAOS of working IN their business.

On this episode we discus

  • The importance of making it a Priority to write out your Vision Story.
  • Team Meetings are broken and MUST be fixed...here's how!
  • There is a way to systematize a business without feeling corporate, or like a big bureaucracy

More on Scott Beebe: MyBussinessOnPurpose.com/vision 

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