The Health Costs of Mega Success, and How To Avoid Them

Sat Jan 06 2018 (01:00:21)

Our drive to success and Leadership in whatever form can be very hard on us, it can suck up our time, our energy and as a result our emotional and mental availability to those we love. It can take us to the top in the world, and the absolute bottom in health, and what you can do about it.

Our guest on this episode is… IAN RYAN

Ian Ryan is the founder of and the host of The Fearless And Healthy Podcast, which is a top ranking iTunes show in health, self-help and education.

With over 10 years experience as a highly sought after health coach, Ian believes in a holistic approach to wellness and putting a large emphasis on personal development.

When he’s not out enjoying the San Diego sunshine, Ian spends the majority of his time coaching people through his popular online programs, speaking at events and hosting technology free wellness retreats.

His mission is to help busy professionals balance a busy lifestyle with optimal health and tap into their full potential

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