The Power of Self-Aware Transformational Leadership

Wed Jun 27 2018 (01:00:16)

On this episode: Why Leaders who learn to lead from the back, can do the impossible! 

As a leader in any capacity you know that… part of your job is to keep your people engaged and motivated but what happens when the rah-rah wears off? 

Is there something more potent, more powerful that will move your people beyond even their own fixed mind limitations?

Well stay tuned because you are about to find out; our guest on this episode is: Greg Centineo

Greg Centineo is internationally recognized as a subject matter expert on transforming leadership, businesses and inspiring those around him to believe in themselves. 

He has followed the path of entrepreneurism and his consistent success in business, combine both transformational processes along with high dollar transactions. Greg's compelling storytelling, intuitive mindset and energy attracts large numbers of people to common goals creating win/win success for all those involved. He’s also the author of a brand new book entitled: “Lucky By Design”

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