Why hiring inexperienced people and giving away chunks of your profit is great for business.

Mon Jun 04 2018 (55:43)

Culture and having a great one is vitally to both the health and profitability of any organization. But is it possible to build a great culture without going bankrupt? But rather to create a culture that puts you and your organization way on top? 

Well stay tuned because our guest on this episode is Jacob Baadsgaard

Jake Baadsgaard is the CEO and founder of Disruptive Advertising, a tech-enabled agency that specializes in helping companies advertise profitably on Google and Facebook. 

In four short years, Disruptive made the INC 500 this year (#145) and achieved this with zero debt or funding. 

Jacob's primary personal and professional passion revolves around investing in relationships and evidenced by being voted a top place to work two consecutive years.

He is also a regular contributor to sites like Forbes, Entrepreneur and many other outlets. 

One this episode we'll take an in depth look at why:

  • Hiring Inexperienced rather than Experienced is counter intuitive but absolutely the right thing to do!
  • 76% of most companies add budget is wasted!
  • You must have a relationship scorecard (in your personal and proffessional life)

More on Jacob Baadsgaard: www.disruptiveadvertising.com 

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